Monday, 14 October 2013

Taken From Robert Greens Blog

The next Angiolini hearing is due to take place at 10.00hrs at the Court of Session, Parliament Square, Edinburgh on Friday, the 18th October.

Supporters of Hollie and of me have gallantly turned out in support  on many court occasions in Scotland, some of whom have even travelled from the south of England to attend. I am very grateful for this and always will be. If anyone is able to come along and witness the proceedings, I should really appreciate it, particularly as we now know that the Scottish Courts are perfectly capable of falsifying solemn court evidence when it suits them to do so. This has been the case over Sheriff Principal Edward Bowen`s racist statement made on 17th February 2012. More of that will be mentioned soon, but further recent information points firmly to a criminal act by Bowen and others to conspire to pervert the course of justice, misconduct supported by the Lord President himself, Lord Gill. No defendant in any criminal case in Scotland can be absolutely sure of a fair hearing anymore.

So far, I have received no response from Alex Salmond`s constituency office, as mentioned in the previous post, but there is plenty of time yet.

However, it is very important to stress that those of us in England or Wales are not in a particularly strong position when criticising the unstinting efforts of the Scottish government in covering up the sexual abuse of children.

Prolonged state protection for Jimmy Savile is there for all to see, although the Cyril Smith case, so well presented by Channel 4 in its recent Dispatches programme, is also very disturbing. Nothing whatsoever was done to stop these two criminals whilst they were alive, presumably on the grounds of "security", whatever that is supposed to mean, but exactly whose security are we talking about?

The security of those defenceless children who suffered horrific ordeals at the hands of these two serial monsters is clearly not a matter for state concern. It is not who you know, but what you know about those you know.

The state has deemed that certain celebrities, preferably dead ones, are relatively expendable and can thus be thrown to the wolves. Additionally those paedophiles from run down areas, from the gay community, the Muslim community, Roman Catholic clergy and those of African origin can sometimes be indignantly exposed in the mainstream media, even by the paedophile-infested BBC.

Powerful and influential whites, however, particularly those who are politicians, prominent journalists, members of the judiciary, senior police officers and most social workers can largely expect the benefit of de facto immunity from prosecution should they wish to indulge themselves in sexual crimes against children and the disabled.

In the Hollie Greig case, the state, in both Scotland and England, continues to openly collude with Hollie`s rapist father against Hollie`s brave and devoted mother and even against Hollie herself.

Such is the sickening power of the child-abusing elite that infects our once great land.

How much longer are British people prepared to look the other way while our children and the disabled are being systematically raped?

Who dares to speak up?

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