Saturday 26 April 2014

The Jew and the Peasant.

Douglas Reed explains why anti-Semitism is so prevalent in Ukraine, showing it has deep historical roots that go back for centuries . . . 

This is an edited extract from Douglas Reed’s “Disgrace Abounding” [here], with an introductory note, pictures and captions by Lasha Darkmoon.

(Anti-Semitic cartoon, date unknown)

Friday 25 April 2014

Free Robert Green PETITION – please sign and circulate!

PETITION – please sign and circulate!

Our letter-writing to the people listed 3 posts back is really having an effect Robert says – thank you all very much! Keep up the pressure! He’s also heard via the grapevine (but isn’t in a position to corroborate) that there are moves to get Salmond to resign ahead of time on account of his entanglement in the Hollie Greig affair which could blow up in everyone’s face this summer, just at the wrong moment for the Independence campaign.

Monday 21 April 2014

“Fabian Socialism”, a slow march towards a New World Order.

Understanding communism today and it’s far reaching effects on our society through institutions like the Fabian Society, and understanding it’s ultimate aim to destroy Nations, Cultures and Traditions in order to bring about a One World Government.. Known today as the New World Order.

How Cyril Smith Got Away Wih Child Abuse


How MP Cyril Smith got away with child abuse.

During his lifetime Cyril Smith was one of the UK's best-known politicians. But a new investigation shows that security services held on to a file with evidence of the Liberal MP's child abuse.

This cartoon is 1 min 30 seconds long very funny and explains Banking

Sunday 20 April 2014

Plymouth Council have admitted in writing that there are NO COUNCIL LIABILITY ORDERS In Existence!

For years we have now been campaigning in a number of cases to get these corrupt councils to produce a “True and Original Copy” of one of these alleged “Liability Orders”.

Here’s the scam that the councils are trying to pull off!

Saturday 19 April 2014

Who Are The Puppet Masters ?

Pictures and Captions by Lasha Darkmoon

Neil Clark reflects on the mindboggling hypocrisy and double standards of the US and its NATO puppet states. Why are these superbullies so intent on nation wrecking and chaos creation all over the world? Can it be because they seek world domination under a small, secretive elite of Puppet Masters?  (LD)
I’m confused.

Thursday 17 April 2014


Dear Sirs

 All over the UK, land and businesses are being stolen because court documents are not being processed in accordance with legal protocol, nor checked for dates, stamps, validity, lawfulness – either by police, court administration, or the judiciary. The documents and court process are being manipulated in a fraudulent manner, and for the purpose of economic crime. It is highly organised. The Land Registry is complicit.

NLP: The Mechanics of Deception

BBC image 140 x 93The most effective, scientific method for communication and persuasion.
NLP is an acronym for Neuro Linguistic Programming with emphasis on ‘Programming’, Its purpose by the use of visuals and the spoken word to subliminally influence the unconscious state of a person’s perception thus in turn affecting their conscious reality. Other crude forms of programming are Propaganda and Brain-washing; although these are in-your-face attempts at influencing a person’s opinion, NLP is a much more complex use of mental suggestion.

Tuesday 15 April 2014


Uk Courts & fraudulent documents ( Guy Taylor )

Guy has asked me to place into the public domain documents relating to the recent illegal and unlawful eviction from his property Bodenham Manor.

There's a lot of stuff there so take your time.

Sunday 13 April 2014

Breaking News - Paula's Eviction - Milk Up Bank Farm - Wind Turbine Scandal Emerges

Following previous reports from Milk Up Bank Farm - RainbowArk Animal Sanctuary, researchers have uncovered the shocking news that Oakenshaw Community Association have already signed a contract for a “Community Benefit Wind Turbine” and have received the first payment,The Community Association have called a public meeting to decide how they are to spend this money, on Monday 14 April 2014 at Willington Cricket Club, there will be drinks and a free buffet.



who are utterly useless at (almost) anything. Completely unskilled at (almost) anything. Utterly unproductive. Utterly useless. Fundamentally ‘parasites’.

How are they going to live?

Friday 11 April 2014


Sent: Friday, 11 April 2014, 1:36
Subject: Cheif inspector Reakes- Williams

Dear Mr Jeremy Reakes-Williams,

                                                  I have tried ringing you on 3 separate occasions, left messages but calls have not been returned. I have in addition been contacted by my associate Mr David Fabb of Alpa Forensics over recent correspondence between yourselves and your concerns over issues of his authority to act on my behalf, please consider this e-mail (and hard copy sent recorded delivery) as proof positive of my permission for him to act on my behalf in these matters.

Thursday 10 April 2014


Inspector Jeremy Reakes-Williams                          

West Mercia and Warwickshire Police

Hindlip Hall


WR3 8SP 

Dear inspector Reakes-Williams 

This firm, Alpa Forensics Limited act, Pro-Bono, for Guy of The Taylor Family, with addresses in Hereford.  

Pursuant to the Tomlinson Report, we are conducting a forensic examination of cases, throughout the UK, of repossessions and mortgage fraud by which hundreds of citizens are being reduced to penury following the theft of their personal and commercial property.

Wednesday 9 April 2014

Peaches Geldof Murdered By Illuminati & Knights of Malta?


Before It’s News — April 8, 2014

Peaches Gedolf was instrumental in exposing Ian Watkins (pictured), who was convicted for raping babies with their mothers consent. Click to enlarge

Was Peaches Geldof murdered by the illuminati and the Knights of Malta for exposing pedophiles just months ago? Peaches, daughter of legendary rocker Bob Geldof, had recently tweeted the names of two mothers who had offered their babies to be raped by an alleged illuminati member who later admitted to the crimes after being outed by Geldof.
For those who don’t know Geldof, she was considered the ‘Paris Hilton’ of the UK, and she was highly involved in exposing pedophilia in the illuminati realm. She also faced charges for exposing a prominent UK pedophile on Twitter as shared in the videos as screenshots below. Our videographer pressResetEarth clearly proves in the first video below that Peaches untimely death has all the tell tale signs of being an ‘illuminati hit’.

Sunday 6 April 2014

Insider Reveals 21st Century Illuminati Agenda

April 5, 2014
Brief_history_of_the_future-Attali.jpgIn a book Henry Kissinger called "brilliant and provocative..difficult to dismiss," Jacques Attali confirms that the Illuminati bankers are imposing a hideous "Brave New World" on mankind, one divorced from goodness, truth or reality.  

When he recently learned that Illuminati Jewish fixer George Soros was funding marijuana legalization,  David Richards reminded me that drug legalization was one of the 2006 predictions of Jacques Atali, another Illuminati Jewish go-fer.
"Drugs will be legalized to numb us to the growing insanity around us," Atali wrote in his book A Brief History of the Future. "'Alcohol, cannabis, opium, morphine, heroin, cocaine, synthetic products (amphetamines, methamphetamines, Ecstasy). Chemical, biological, or electronic drugs, distributed by "self-repairers," will become consumer products in a world without law of police, whose chief victims will be the infranomads.'  (Infranomads= world's poor)

In light of this prescience, I revisited Richard's 2010 book review
and was astonished to read that Atali also

foresaw a surveillance state where "our i-phones send data to the NSA."

(From December 22, 2010)

by David Richards


A Brief History of The Future by Jacques Attali (2006) outlines the elite's agenda for the 21st Century.
A French Jew (he recently told the European Jewish Congress the world's Jewish population needs to rise to 200 million),  Attali is a high-level technocrat working to fulfill the New World Order.
Jacques Attali has a varied CV.  For ten years he worked as an adviser to former French President Francois Mitterrand. In 1980, he started the European program Eurêka (a major European program on new technologies that invented, among other things, the MP3).
In 1991, he co-founded the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.  He is also at the origin of the higher education reform, known as LMD, designed to bring all European degrees into line.
He has published over 50 books, selling over 6 million copies worldwide. They include an adoring biography of banker Siegmand Warburg.
He has also written a glowing account of Karl Marx, arguing that Marx was a free-marketeer who favored capitalism as a stepping-stone to his Communist ideal and predicted globalization as we know it today (i.e. the New World Order).
In 'A Brief History of The Future' Attali predicts that this century will unfold in three distinct phrases.
1.   Super-empire = an era of privatization where corporations rule the day.  He writes, "money will finally rid itself of everything that threatens it- including nation states, which it will progressively dismantle." The market will become the world's only recognized law. A system of power whose 'structures remain elusive but whose goal is global.'

2.   Hyperconflict = super-empire will implode and there will be a period of worldwide chaos. Starting about 2030,  Attali foresees 'devastating wars, pitting nations, religious groups, terrorist entities, and free-market pirates against one another'.

3.   Hyperdemocracy (2060)= Exhausted by wars and social upheavals the world public will welcome with open arms 'the creation of a democratic world government.' It will be a collectivist system, with everyone working towards the 'common good.'
I have selected a few themes to give you a flavor of the book.

(Jacques Attali, left)

Illuminati  Sexuality
In the future, people will no longer bond and create families. 'The couple will no longer be the principal base for life and sexuality. [People] will prefer to choose, in full transparency, polygamous or polyandrous loves.'
The driving force of this trend is technology that frees youth from parental control. The first was the radio, which allowed the young:
'To dance outside the ballrooms and therefore be free of parental supervision- liberating sexuality, opening them to all kinds of music, from jazz to rock, and thus announcing youth's entry into the world of consumption, of desire, and of rebellion.'
A media-dominated culture will create an egocentric populace who 'will be loyal only to themselves.'
With lovers failing to mate for life, 'the world will be no more than a juxtaposition of solitudes, and love a juxtaposition of masturbations.'
The elite goal is to remove love from sex so that they control reproduction.  Attali writes that in the twentieth century, society 'sought to evacuate the reproductive role of sexuality by making motherhood artificial, by using increasingly sophisticated methods- pills, pre-mature labor, in vitro fertilization, surrogate mothers.'
In the future, society 'will even go so far as to dissociate reproduction and sexuality.  Sexuality will be the kingdom of pleasure, reproduction that of machines.'
Future generations 'will manufacture the human being like a made-to-measure artifact, in an artificial uterus, which will allow the brain to further develop with characteristics chosen in advance. The human being will thus have become a commercial object.'
Attali paints a picture of a surveillance society that would make the Stasi wince.
Even our washing machines will be conspiring against us,  while the 'packaging of food products, clothing vehicles, and household goods will become "communicative."'
We will live with untrustworthy robots.
'Domestic robots will become universal in daily life. They too will be constantly connected to high-output grids in nomadic ubiquity. They will function as domestic help, as aids for the handicapped or aged, as workers and as members of security forces. In particular they will become "Watchers."'

All our data will be collected by public and private security firms.  The main form of surveillance will be portable entertainment devices. The embryo of this today is the iPhone that sends data to the NSA.
'The unique nomadic object will be permanently traceable. All the data it contains, including images of everyone's daily life, will be stored and sold to specialist businesses and to public and private police.'
By 2050, these machines will have evolved into what Attali calls 'self-surveillance machines' that will allow everyone to monitor his own compliance with the norms.
We will monitor our consumption of water, energy and raw materials. We will even have the 'opportunity to measure, permanently or periodically, the parameters of [our] own body.'
'Electronic bugs, worn subcutaneously, will ceaselessly register heartbeat, blood pressure, and cholesterol. Microprocessors connected to various organs will watch their functioning as compared to the norms.'
Living insecure and chaotic lives, we will be dependent on insurance companies for security. These companies will make sure their clients 'conform to norms to minimize the risks ... They will gradually come to dictate planetary norms (What to eat? What to know? How to drive? How to protect oneself? How to consume? How to produce?)'
These companies will be ruthless.
'They will penalize smokers, drinkers, the obese, the unemployable, the inadequately protected, the aggressive, the careless, the clumsy, the absentminded, the spendthrift. Ignorance, exposure to risks, wasting, and vulnerability will be considered diseases.'
Prisons 'will be gradually replaced by long-distance surveillance of a person under house arrest.'
Immigration flows will expand and submerge nation states.  'Great Britain will become a major host country, especially for citizens of Central European countries. The latter will in their turn welcome Ukrainian workers, themselves replaced by Russians, themselves replaced by vast Chinese populations.'
Resistant countries will learn that a population inflow 'is the condition of their survival.'  In a sinister passage, Attali speaks of third-world hordes engulfing the West.
'Ever more numerous masses will hurl themselves at the gates of the West. They already number hundreds of thousands every month; that figure will increase to millions, then tens of millions.'
The United States will be the most popular destination and 'In twenty years, the Hispanic and African-American populations will almost constitute a majority in the United States.'
Nomadism will also become the norm in the West, 'more and more people will leave one country for another: there will soon be more than ten million of them switching countries every year.
Our main incentive will be money, but many will leave because they are disgusted by their homeland.
'They [will] no longer want to depend on a country whose tax system, legislation, and even culture they reject. And also to disappear completely, to live another life. The world will thus be increasingly filled with people who have become anonymous of their own free will; it will be like a carnival where everyone - ultimate freedom! - will have chosen a new identity for himself.'
Future Of The US
The dollar will remain dominant until at least 2025, when foreign backers will start abandoning it and 'the credit pyramid, based on the value of American housing, will collapse.'
The US will then start disintegrating, with violence and chaos ensuing. Attali states, 'it will not be tomorrow's Africa that will one day resemble today's West, but the whole West that could tomorrow evoke today's Africa.'
The US will then have to redesign its government to regain control.
'The United States could then become a Scandinavian-style social democracy, or a dictatorship - and even perhaps one after the other. It would not be the first time such a surprise occurred: the first leader to apply the principles required to emerge from the crisis of the [last depression] was Mussolini; the second was Hitler. Roosevelt only came third.'
As chaos and violence engulfs the world, Christianity and Islam will strengthen. The Bible belt region in the Southern US will mobilize and could dominate US politics.
'The United States could then around 2040 fall prey to a theocratic temptation, explicit or implicit, in the shape of theocratic isolationism in which democracy would be no more than a shadowy presence.'
This Christian movement could be used in a war against a mobilized Islam, which would presumably weaken and discredit both religions. 
An international Christian alliance 'could well form alliances here and there with secular pirates and traffickers in arms, women and drugs.'
This alliance will 'stand face to face against Islam  - and the struggle will be relentless. They will defend Christians in countries where they are a minority, as in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Syria.'
Before the end of century the US will be disintegrated and under the authority of a collectivist world government.--
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Friday 4 April 2014

Secret Surveillance

Imagine a world in which you are being spied on 24/7 by an all-seeing Eye. And be aware that Big Brother is watching you, not only from the US and Britain but also from Israel.

NSA-eye.jpg  -  1Mass surveillance is the new norm. Big Brother is watching you and listening to you always. With the help of microscopic cameras and wireless concealable microphones and precise location tracking devices, he is keeping his tabs on you twenty-four hours a day.