Saturday 29 November 2014

Email Sent To House Of Lords Re White Collar Crime.

Message received

Dear Member of the House of Lords

As police and government consistently ignore matters outlined below, we turn to you for assistance in bringing this matter clearly into the public domain so that it can be tackled openly.

It is through the hard work of Gedaljahu Ebert, Guy Taylor, and others who have taken time to study legal documents forensically, and the sharing of information at an increased pace over the internet by more and more victims, that victims of serious white collar crime are now aware that the criminal organisation(s) behind the theft of homes, farms, and properties all over Britain is/are creating and issuing fraudulent legal documents and forging signatures, much of which is as a result of the lax security protocols in the court system, the advent of readily available digital printing equipment, and the refusal of police and government to investigate white collar crimes.

Nick Downing of the Metropolitan Police might be a useful resource with respect to document forgery.
More people are now becoming aware that these thefts, forgeries, fraudulent documents, unlawful evictions, imprisonments, and more are happening to hundreds, if not thousands, of people all over the country but the breadth and depth of the crimes, and the extent to which the highly organised criminal fraternity had penetrated government and the legal establishment had not been fully understood by anyone until now.

There are still no proper security protocols in the court system, and virtually no oversight of the adherence/lack of adherence to Civil Procedure Rules by anyone within the court system and court offices across the country. The Conservative/Lib Dem government has cut back police resources dramatically, and has plans to cut back even more. George Osborne holds all the purse strings and is under financing the Serious Fraud Office and police in general, thereby controlling the manner in which serious economic crime is, or is not, investigated.…/organised-crime-surge-in-eu-…–all-in-a-days-work-for-europol-8816846.html

Obviously, the criminals have deeply penetrated every area of British public life, as disclosed in the Independent newspaper some time back and police, and those in authority are either involved or powerless to stop it. Most likely there are two teams.

I just caught Rob Wainwright deleting, without reading, sixty of my emails containing intelligence, which had been sent to him at Europol since May 2014, and which contained intelligence. It is no wonder he has found fighting crime a challenge if he will not read information sent to him.…/organised-crime-surge-in-eu-…–all-in-a-days-work-for-europol-8816846.html

Will you please be so kind as to read and consider the information below, and share the matter with your peers. I think you will agree than any aspersions cast upon expenses fiddling somewhat pale in light of the big picture of the British establishment who may be rather hasty to point fingers.

The speech by Elfyn Llywd, MP,…/ha…/141111h0001.htm… the problem, and there is substantial commentary on the matter further down this page.

The Earl of Lytton (Crossbench)I learn of serious failure of prosecution to disclose documents as required, and of failure of defence teams and judges to ensure compliance. The Attorney-General’s recent guidance identifies this as a threat to a fair trial. I hear of documents that are unsigned or undated, possibly even forged, being accepted by the courts, and a failure to safeguard the interests of people under rulings from the Court of Protection.

Much of this is ongoing, with frequent accounts of files lost, court records deleted or unavailable, police notes absent or officer amnesia in the witness box. A solicitor categorised this for me as “gaming” the provisions of Section 117 of the Criminal Justice Act 2003, because a police witness cannot be cross-examined on something he has forgotten, and if the only other evidence is documentary or electronic, however faulty, then that must stand unless the defence can have the evidence struck out: effectively a reversal of the burden of proof. It would also appear from a recent BBC “File on 4” programme that these and allied manipulation of rules of evidence and procedure continue at the highest administrative and professional levels.…


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