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TAKE NOTE: We shall discuss relevant aspects of the law/legislation contained in the body of this work, at the "Income Tax School" where appropriate.
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We were extremely reluctant to release this information last year (2014). We required just a few more (test) cases under our belts, to prove what we reveal today (19th. January 2015), does apply in LAW and work in reality.
A great amount of information that we have previously released, other groups and individuals have hijacked it or repackaged it as their own, and in a great many cases have misinformed and wittingly or unwittingly misled People about it, and/or how to use it.
Of course while they take whatever short-term credit they can scrape, we are usually left holding the baby, and cleaning up some pretty serious messes. This message is from The Common Law Society.
MARK THESE WORDS: What we are revealing in this email will have a devastating impact on the Civil/Commercial and the Criminal Courts, the Judiciary, the Legal Professions (Solicitors & Bar*isters), and Receivers and Auctioneers
involved in repossessions and the sale of repossessed (stolen) homes, property and land(s), for cases/matters currently pending, and for cases/matters that have been perceivably lost in the past, dating back to the year 1986 and possibly earlier.
The information contained herein is self-contained in and of itself. It has proven to work as a demonstrable FACT in the Courts over the past twelve months, with tangible and provable results.
TAKE NOTE: This is only part of an immense body of material we have been working on for the past few years and titled “EVERYMAN'S LAW”. We are working hard on getting the full text of "EVERYMANS LAW" complete for release this year (2015). In the interim, we realise there is a great need for People to get to grips with what we are about to disclose, as the information contained herein, if used correctly, can stop the Courts dead in their tracks in all Civil/Commercial and many Criminal cases/matters.
The basis of what is going on in the Civil/Commercial Courts is UNLAWFUL and ILLEGAL. It is about time this can of worms was opened up for thorough examination, and the Courts, and all their consorts, were brought to task by the People and the LAW.
This is one of those times we respectively request that you read the contents of this email, and pass it on WITHOUT FAIL, to all of your own personal friends and contacts, and share it on ALL media platforms or forums you/ye may have access to.
Even if you are not in bother yourself with financial institutions, banks, debt collectors, receivers, the legal profession, the courts or the judiciary, you may know someone that has been or is, and perhaps has not brought it to your attention for fear of the stigma that may perceivably attach.
As before; even if you and/or another have already lost a case in the civil/commercial Courts, there is a very real and great opportunity for the case/matter to be re-opened because of the material contained herein.
In the past twenty-four months we have been very much concentrated on considering the immorality, the illegality and unlawful conduct, acts, behaviours and omissions of the judiciary, the courts, the legal professionals and their associated paymasters, the financial institutions.
For almost all of the People that have been through our door(s) specifically over the last twelve months, we have endeavoured to guide and educate them in terms of certain Criminal acts, namely the "Non-Fatal Offences Against the Persons Act 1997", the "Criminal Justice Theft and Fraud Offences Act 2001" the "Criminal Justice Act 2011/2013" and various other related and associated Criminal Acts Statutes, Codes and Statutory Instruments.
With this in mind:
Many People felt the need, of their own volition, to lodge "Criminal Complaints" with An Garda Siochana and with the Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigations, in respect of various alleged criminal offences that were being and have been committed by financial institutions, their consorts and agents, by solicitors and bar*isters, by receivers, by debt collectors, by court registrars and latterly by judges.
In the initial stages People were being turned away by the Garda, with the reason given that "this is/was a Civil matter and not Criminal!" This essentially was/is a lie, but no Garda at the time would put this in writing. One wonders why?
Peoples’ persistence, coupled and armed with the appropriate LAW, and some specific guidance/direction from ourselves (The Common Law Society) won the day. The vast majority of People we have dealt with have managed to break through, and lodge the appropriate Criminal complaint(s). There now seems to be very little, if any, reluctance from the Gardai to accept Criminal complaints in regard to the Criminal activities of all or any of the above named parties (including judges).
As a result … We have had corroborated reports of Gardai attending courts to observe, witness and investigate proceedings, and the unlawful acts and conduct of court registrars and judges. Wherein once the same registrars and judges were made aware that Gardai were and would be present, they have stayed proceedings indefinitely, without reason and without rhyme.
It logically follows, that the same People who(m) have lodged Criminal complaints, are now putting immense pressure on An Garda Siochana and the Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigation to have said Criminals questioned, arrested and brought to trial for their crimes, which naturally includes not just bankers and members of the legal fraternity and their consorts and agents, but court registrars and judges.
After all if the registrars and judges were applying the LAW in the correct manner, then very few, if any, of the financial institutions and banks would proceed to court. Instead what you currently have is the registrars and judges facilitating Crime, which is, and of itself, a very serious Crime.
As far as we have factually ascertained (to date): ALL AFFIDAVITS that have been filed in the District, Circuit and High Courts in relation to all and/or any Civil/Commercial matters/cases (and some if not many criminal matters/cases) dating back to 1986 (and possibly before) cannot be held as authentic, and should NOT have been "admitted to be filed or enrolled without leave of the Court", are illegal, and are NOT Lawful.
ALL AFFIDAVITS we have examined in the past four years plus are Constituted as "Perjury" and/or as "Forgery" in LAW, on the part of Solicitors, Commissioners for Oaths, Court Operatives, Officers and Registrars of the Court, and of course the Judges that have facilitated recognising same. We do not state any of this lightly ... so take a very close and critical look at what is to follow.
The "Commissioners For Oaths Act 1889" Clearly states the LAW:
Perjury: 7. Whoever wilfully and corruptly swears falsely in any oath or affidavit taken or made in accordance with the provisions of this Act, shall be guilty of perjury in every case where if he had so sworn in a judicial proceeding before a court of competent jurisdiction he would be guilty of perjury.
Forgery: 8. Whoever forges, counterfeits, or fraudulently alters the seal or signature of any person authorised by or under this Act to administer an oath, or tenders in evidence, or otherwise uses, any affidavit having any seal or signature so forged or counterfeited or fraudulently altered, knowing the same to be forged, counterfeited, or fraudulently altered, shall be guilty of felony, and liable on conviction to penal servitude for any term not exceeding seven years and not less than five years, or to imprisonment with or without hard labour for any term not exceeding two years.
Trial of Offences: 9. Any offence under this Act, whether committed within or without Her Majesty’s dominions, may be inquired of, dealt with, tried, and punished in any county or place in the United Kingdom in which the person charged with the offence was apprehended or is in custody, and for all purposes incidental to or consequential on the trial or punishment the offence shall be deemed to have been committed in that county or place.
Impounding of Documents: 10. Where any offence under this Act is alleged to have been committed with respect to any affidavit, a judge of any court before which the affidavit is produced may order the affidavit to be impounded and kept in such custody and for such time and on such conditions as he thinks fit.
This is a brief list of just some of the Parties that (to date) have been DIRECTLY contacted/notified/noticed, informed and/or made aware of the facts contained herein in relation to the "Rules and Orders of the Superior Courts" pertaining to the swearing of "Affidavits" and the applicable Statutory Instruments, and LAWS governing same. Equally all parties named/listed herein have a duty of care to inform ALL members of the Judiciary, and all the Legal Professionals, Officers of the Court, All Registrars and all Agents, Employees, Assigns and Associated Parties/Operatives etc. As they say "NOTICE TO AGENT IS NOTICE TO PRINCIPAL, NOTICE TO PRINCIPAL IS NOTICE TO AGENT".
There is NO ESCAPING this, for any of them. Here is a short listing:
 * Justice(s) Baker, White, Gilligan, and Judge O'Neill + many Others.
 * Ivor Fitzpatrick & Co. Solicitors, Joynt & Crawford Solicitors + many Others.
 * The Minister for Justice, Francis Fitzgerald
 * Norin O'Sullivan, Garda Commissioner.
 * David Dowling, Head of The Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigation.
 * Chief Justice Susan Gageby Denham.
 * The Attorney General of Ireland, Marie R. Whelan.
 * Enda Kenny (Taoiseach).
 * Michael D. Higgins (President).
 * Ken Murphy, The Law Society of Ireland.
 * President Dean Speilman, European Court of Human Rights.
 * The Court of Justice of the European Union.
 * The High Court Registrar and Office.
 * The Manager of Court Services.
 * ... and many other County & District Court Registrars & Staff.
There are many other parties which are not included in this list. With this list you get the clear idea of how serious these issues are, and how far reaching the consequences of their Crimes are. No one is immune to being Criminally taken to task and prosecuted, including any of the above parties.
The LAW that all solicitors, barristers, registrars, judges and other court staff members and employees are guilty of breaking on a daily, weekly and yearly basis; pertains specifically to the unlawful and illegal creation of, issuing of, lodging and proceeding with AFFIDAVITS. This has been done and continues to be done and carried on in both Civil/Commercial and Criminal matters throughout the whole Courts system, and is unlawfully facilitated to run and go unchecked to date (apart of course by the People we are working with), by all Court staff/employees, all Registrars and all Judges.
Just One Relatively Recent Case:
This is a case whereby the Plaintiff (a receiver), was attempting to get an "Interlocutory Order" from the Court (High Court) to distrain/restrain the Defendants (owners of a property), from hampering and/or interfering with him (the receiver) taking control of their property. In the normal run of things, such an "Interlocutory Order" wouldn't take much more than ten or fifteen minutes to achieve in the High Court.
The matter to date has been floating around the High Court for approximately Fourteen Months at this stage, and has been bounced back and forth to no less than four High Court judges. Strange or what?
The proverbial S*1t  hit the fan last November 2014, when a letter was sent directly to the presiding Judge, and all Judges previously involved, and ALL other parties involved and inculcated, including the relevant members of An Garda Siochana and the Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigations.
"The Affidavit of the said Deponent is in clear breach of Statutory Instrument Number 15 of 1986 which created the current Rules of the Superior Courts, which is a breach of the Laws of IRELAND. This purported Affidavit breaches Order 40 Rule 9 of SI 15/1986 in so far as NO “true place of abode” is provided in the Affidavit. It also breaches Order 40 Rule 6 of SI 15/1986 where NO Time is recorded in the Jurat. wherein Order 40 Rule 6 does stipulate that, “Every commissioner to administer oaths shall express the time when and the place where he shall take any affidavit, otherwise the same shall not be held authentic, nor be admitted to be filed or enrolled without the leave of the Court;” The Solicitors (Amendment) Act 1994 Section 72 (1) clarifies that a Solicitor is and holds all the powers of a Commissioner for Oaths so long as s/he holds a valid practising certificate. Also in line with the Commissioners for Oaths Act 1889 which additionally states that the date should be recorded. Wherefore if the Law is to be administered correctly the, TIME, the DATE and the PLACE are to be recorded in the JURAT “otherwise the same shall NOT be Held AUTHENTIC” Wherefore we move this Court to Strike out the illegal Affidavit of the said Deponent and ALL other such Affidavits, and in the absence of such Affidavits Strike out this particular case which was brought by The Plaintiff clearly relying on Affidavit(s) for want of prosecution inter alia".
In this particular case, the Defendant(s) did not attend the Court, and instead members of An Garda Siochana / Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigation were directed to attend and take cognisance of the proceedings, wherein should the Court and/or the Judge proceed to issue the said "Interlocutory Order", a crime had taken place in open Court, and had been facilitated by the presiding Judge. The Garda were to take the appropriate lawful action.
Despite the red face and protestations of the Bar*ister that represented the Receiver, and in the absence of the said Owners of the Property, the Judge did not and would not rule against the Owners of the Property. The matter was adjourned subject to review of the information contained in the letter, leaving the dumbfounded Bar*ister in shock. Since then another letter has been lodged with An Garda Siochana and the Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigation, to bring pressure to bear on ALL those involved, including the High Court Office staff, the Registrar, the Solicitor, the Bar*ister and the Judges themselves. This means having them brought in for questioning, charged, tried and ultimately jailed.
QUESTION: How is it possible for the Court/Judge to proceed, when the basis for the case is founded upon "Perjury and Forgery"?  ... That's right, ITS NOT!!!
This is only one case/matter of a multitude we have been guiding and directing People in and on. And only one of a number that have been adjourned stayed, stopped, withdrawn and/or thrown out.
The point being is that, this information alone will have very far-reaching consequences on ALL CASES that have been lodged in the Courts in both Civil/Commercial and Criminal matters, at least since the year 1986, and possibly prior to 1986 (more on this later). If you overlook this information and/or take it for granted, all we can say is, you are on your own from this point. This information means that ALL cases back as far as 1986 (at least) that have been perceivably lost, can now be revisited and reopened ... FACT!!! And ALL same Orders are NULL and VOID, ILLEGAL and UNLAWFUL.
The basis for all cases were and are founded upon DECEPTION and LIES.
Points of Reference ...
Some of Statutory Instruments/Amendments Governing the said Rules are as follows:
* No40-S.I. No. 95 of 2009 (Affidavits).
* No40-S.I. No. 2 of 2011 (Examiner).
* No40-S.I. No. 487 of 2012 (Affidavits).
For the purpose of getting to the meaty stuff, we will skip some of the less relevant Rules of Order 40, and just concentrate on those that are particularly of interest in these matters. Each rule is quite self-explanatory, but where appropriate we will expand, explain and/or elaborate upon them.
Rule 5: Affidavits sworn in Ireland shall be sworn before a judge, commissioner to administer oaths, or officer empowered to administer oaths.
TAKE NOTE: Rule 5 DOES NOT STATE that an affidavit can be sworn before a "Solicitor" in particular. While some "Solicitors" can become appointed as judges, commissioners to administer oaths and/or officers empowered to administer oaths, "Solicitors" are NOT by default empowered to administer oaths.
Under the Irish Statute Book, the "Commissioners For Oaths Act. 1889" states 1.-(1) The Lord Chancellor may from time to time, by commission signed by him, appoint persons being solicitors or other fit and proper persons to be commissioners for oaths, and may revoke such appointment.
QUESTION 1 to ASK: Has the said "affidavit" been sworn before a Judge?
QUESTION 2 to ASK: Has the said "affidavit" been sworn before a Commissioner to administer oaths?
QUESTION 3 to ASK: Has the said "affidavit" been sworn before an Officer empowered to administer oaths?
FURTER NOTE: the "Commissioners For Oaths Act. 1889" also states 1.-(3) Provided that a Commissioner for Oaths shall not exercise any of the powers given by this section in any proceeding in which he is solicitor to any of the parties to the proceeding, or clerk to any such solicitor, or in which he is interested.
In other words, whatever said affidavit was sworn before a particular "Commissioner for Oaths", that same Commissioner cannot by LAW be involved in the case itself, either directly and/or indirectly, nor can he/she use their clerk/employees to have affidavits sworn.
If the said "AFFIDAVIT" is not sworn before a Judge, or a legally appointed Commissioner for Oaths, it is a DEFECTIVE document, and whosoever that person is would be guilty of perjury, and possibly forgery under the same act. The Commissioner that the same "AFFADAVIT" is sworn before CANNOT in any way whatsoever be involved directly or indirectly with the case/matter, and nor can his/her clerk(s)/agent(s)/employee(s) ... That is the LAW.
Rule 6: Every commissioner to administer oaths shall express the time when and the place where he shall take any affidavit, or the acknowledgement of a deed, or recognisance, otherwise the same shall not be authentic, nor be admitted to be filed or enrolled without the leave of the Court; and every such Commissioner shall express the time when, and place where, he shall do any other act incident to his office.
This is a very simple issue to grasp and comprehend. Of all AFFIDAVITS we have seen and examined over the years, NONE of them have the TIME (as underlined above) stated on them. Very few if any have ever identified “the PLACE where he shall take any affidavit”.  Now, this is the point TO NOTE: “otherwise the same (affidavit) shall NOT be held authentic, nor be admitted to be filed or enrolled without leave of the Court”.
This means that NONE of the affidavits we have seen and examined over the years are AUTHENTIC, and NONE of them should have been “ADMITTED TO BE FILED OR ENROLLED” at Court. FULL STOP. But they have, and therein lies the rub.
Therefore the Court Offices and Officers, their employees and the Court Registrars are in breach of the Orders and Rules of the Superior Courts, as they have been accepting, admitting and enrolling affidavits that are NOT AUTHENTIC, and are Defective.
ALL of these said affidavit’s under the aforesaid “Commissioners For Oaths Act” and the respective Statutory Instruments are constituted as forgery and perjury, and therefore by extension the said employees, agents, members of the Courts’ offices and the respective Court Registrars have been facilitating and committing criminal offences. As they say, “ignorance of the law is no defence”. This is the LAW to which the Judges, Registrars, Officers of the Court, Magistrates and Sheriffs, and ALL of their associates, agents, assigns and employees are bound, and they are wilfully breaking it, in favour of making fraudulent financial gains.
None of these persons can plead “ignorance of the law”, as it is their law, and they have a duty in law to know their own law, and act upon it accordingly. If they pertain to “not know the law”, that is not a plausible defence for breaking the law. These are serious Criminal offences that are being committed, and over the past twelve months, we and others have been pointing this out to them from the very top down, and criminal complaints have been and continue to be lodged with An Garda Siochana and the Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigations, in relation to these same CRIMES.
Question 1: What particular time was the said affidavit sworn?
Question 2: What particular place was the said affidavit sworn at?
If any one of these two particular answers are not specifically on the said affidavit, then the said affidavit “shall not be held authentic, nor be admitted to be filed or enrolled” in Court or in the Office of the said Court. The Court cannot see or recognise it, as it is NOT AUTHENTIC, and has NO VALIDITY in LAW. Yet, since 1986 (at least) these affidavit’s that are NOT AUTHENTIC, and cannot be recognised in LAW by the said COURTS are being seen and recognised and read into evidence in both Civil/Commercial and Criminal cases, which of course is illegal and is a CRIMINAL Offence.
ALL Solicitors know this and yet continue in their FRAUD and PERJURY. ALL Court Registrars and Officers/Employees of the Court know this and facilitate the FRAUD and PERJURY perpetuated by the Solicitors. ALL Bar*isters know this and continue to facilitate and perpetuate what commenced with the Solicitors and is facilitated by the Court Registrars and Officers/Employees of the Court.
FINALLY: To compound the FRAUD and PERJURY, ALL Judges know this, and ALL have up until about twelve months ago, facilitated the ongoing FRAUD and PERJURY (since 1986 at least). Now that they know that we know, they have eased off a little. But this “little” is not enough. This “little” is too late for a great many People.
RULE 8: Every affidavit shall be drawn up in the first person, and shall be divided into paragraphs and every paragraph shall be numbered consecutively, and as nearly as may be shall be confined to a distinct portion of the subject matter. Every affidavit shall be written or printed book-wise. No costs shall be allowed for any affidavit or part of an affidavit substantially departing from this rule.
RULE 9: Every affidavit shall state the description and true place of abode of the deponent; and every affidavit of service shall state when, where, and how, and by whom, such service was effected and in the case of delivery to any person, shall state that the deponent was at the time of such delivery acquainted with the appearance of such person.
Check ALL current and historical affidavits. Is the “true place of abode” of the deponent (the one making the affidavit), their home/living address on the affidavit? If it is not then the affidavit is defective, and again it should NEVER have been lodged with the Court/Court Office. We have never, ever seen an affidavit with “the true abode of the deponent” on it. It usually has their workplace address, or their employer’s address on it.
When a Defendant and/or the accused is served with a said affidavit, the server of said affidavit is legally bound to lodge an “affidavit of service” with the Court/Court Office, which states “when” specifically the affidavit was served (as in date and time), “where” particularly the affidavit was served, “how” it was served, and “by whom” in particular it was served by. The server has to state/attest that they “at the time of such delivery acquainted with the appearance of such person”.  How could they possibly be acquainted with the appearance of the “person” they are serving, unless they were personally known to them, were related to them, were their neighbour, and/or unless they had and carried a photograph of that said person on them to identify them?
If any or all of the above specific criteria cannot be fully met, and/or is not adhered to, then the said affidavit is defective and should never have been lodged with the Court/Court Office, and if the criteria for service has not been met and fully adhered to, then service has NOT been legally executed. In all cases the Court cannot recognise the affidavit or read it into evidence, and also cannot proceed as service has NOT been legally executed. To do so would be illegal and unlawful. It is a Criminal offence.
RULE 11: There shall be on every affidavit a note showing on whose behalf it is filed, and no affidavit shall be filed or used without such note, unless the Court shall otherwise direct.
EVERY AFFIDAVIT must show a note on it, “showing on whose behalf it is filed”. Not just some or a few, EVERY AFFIDAVIT. We have seen some/a few affidavits without this note, which have been illegally and unlawfully lodged/filed. Some have it, some don’t. The ones that do NOT have the note “showing on whose behalf it is filed”, that were filed are illegal/unlawful.  “NO affidavit shall be filed without such note”.
NO does NOT mean a few or some. Perhaps we need to borrow the campaign slogan,” NO MEANS NO!”? Perhaps a slogan like “NO MEANS NO!” would raise awareness of the illegal and unlawful activities of those that have and continue to perpetrate the psychological and financial assault, violence and rape against the People, whom up to this point, were ignorant (had no knowledge) of the laws that are in place to protect them?
RULE 13: No affidavit having in the Jurat or body thereof any interlineation , alteration, or erasure, shall, without leave of the Court be filed, read, or made use of in any matter pending in Court unless the interlineation or alteration (other than by erasure) is authenticated by the initials of the person taking the affidavit, nor, in the case of an erasure, unless the words or figures appearing at the time of taking the affidavit to be written on the erasure are re-written and signed or initialled in the margin of the affidavit by the person taking it.
Interlineation is “the act of writing something between the lines of an earlier writing” (writing between the lines). How would you know if any interlineation, alteration or erasure had taken place on the original said affidavit, unless you had the original, had sight of the original to compare it to the copy you may have, and then been provided with an attested copy of the said original, which you agreed was a TRUE ATTESTED COPY?
In other words, perhaps you should ALWAYS DEMAND that you are provided with TRUE and ATTESTED copies of all affidavits and or documents lodged/filed with the Courts. Then demand to get sight of the said ORIGINAL affidavit and or documents (to compare with what you have been given/issued), just in case there may have been changes made to the ORIGINAL TRUE affidavit/document that are not on the copy you have. We are not saying or suggesting here that changes, alterations, addendums, erasures or amendments may have been made to the said original documents/affidavit without your knowledge, and/or wilfully kept from you, but stranger things have been known to happen.
RULE 14: All persons taking affidavits shall certify, in the Jurat of every affidavit taken by them either that they know the deponent himself, or some person named in the Jurat who certifies his knowledge of the deponent. Where an affidavit is sworn by any person who appears to the officer taking the affidavit to be illiterate or blind, the officer shall certify in the Jurat that the affidavit was read in his presence to the deponent, that the deponent seemed perfectly to understand it, and that the deponent made his signature or mark in the presence of the officer. No such affidavit shall be used in evidence in the absence of this certificate, unless the Court is otherwise satisfied that the affidavit was read over to and appeared to be perfectly understood by the deponent.
The key here is, does the person taking the affidavit actually “know the deponent himself, or some person named in the Jurat”? … and where in the Jurat is the said certificate of “his knowledge of the deponent” contained? If there is not certification of “his knowledge of the deponent” then this said affidavit is not legal/lawful and should never have been lodged/filed with the Court/Court Office.
Not only have we seen many cases where this said certification has not taken place, but we have seen cases/affidavits that were written up in foreign jurisdictions, whereby the deponents could not possibly have been known to the person taking affidavits. Yet the Court/Court Office have facilitated the illegal and unlawful lodgement/filing of same nonetheless.
RULE 16: (a) In cases in which an original affidavit is allowed to be used it shall, at the time when it is used, be delivered to and left with the proper officer who shall send it to be filed.    (b) A copy of an affidavit may in all cases be used, the original affidavit having been previously filed, and the copy duly attested.     (c) A Photostat copy of an original affidavit which has been filed may be used, if certified by the solicitor who has filed the same to be a true copy thereof and that the original thereof has been filed.
Absolutely NONE of the affidavits, and/or copies of affidavits we have seen and/or reviewed have been “duly attested” as such, and/or “certified by the solicitor who has filed the same to be a true copy thereof and that the original thereof has been filed”.  Therefore in almost ALL cases whereby you receive, or have been issued or served with an affidavit, it is not “AUTHENTIC” in accordance with the LAW, and therefore CANNOT be seen, read and/or recognised by the Court in LAW.
RULE 17: No affidavit shall be sufficient if sworn before the solicitor acting for the party on whose behalf the affidavit is to be used, or before any agent or correspondent of such solicitor or before the party himself.
RULE 18: Any affidavit which would be insufficient if sworn before the solicitor himself shall be insufficient if sworn before his clerk or partner.
### Both Rules 17 and 18 were covered earlier (above) in relation to the “Commissioners For Oaths Act 1889”.
RULE 19: Where a special time is limited for filing affidavits, no affidavit filed after that time shall be used, unless by leave of the Court.
This speaks for itself. Just keep an eye on the time for filing affidavits, if they are filed late, in many cases the Court Offices and the Central Office will accept them from Solicitors and Legal Professionals, without having to apply for “leave of the Court” (permission), although by the LAW, they are bound to. If filed late without “leave of the Court” to do so, this makes them once again NOT authentic, and they cannot in LAW be seen, read and/or recognised by the Court in LAW.
RULE 27: Every certificate on an exhibit referred to in an affidavit signed by the person before whom the affidavit is sworn shall be marked with the short title of the cause or matter.
The key line here is “shall be marked with the short title of the cause of the matter”. Seldom if ever, do we see or find the said “short title” on any exhibit certificates. Once again this makes the affidavit and the exhibit and/or the affidavit not AUTHENTIC etc.
RULE 31: When the evidence is taken by affidavit, any party desiring to cross-examine a deponent who has made an affidavit filed on behalf of the opposite party may serve upon the party by whom such affidavit has been filed a notice in writing, requiring the production of the deponent for cross-examination at the trial, such notice to be served at any time before the expiration of fourteen days next after the end of the time allowed for filing affidavits in reply, or within such time as in any case the Court may specially appoint; and unless such deponent is produced accordingly, his affidavit shall not be used as evidence unless by the leave of the Court. The party producing such deponent for cross-examination shall not be entitled to demand the expenses thereof in the first instance from the party requiring such production. The notice shall be in the [1]Form No. 21 in Appendix C.
IN ALL CASES this means that you have the right in LAW to CROSS-EXAMINE all and/or any deponent who has made an affidavit. The notice is noted therein.
ALL and/or ANY of the above points singularly used, and/or in any combination, and if used in the right manner and/or form will leverage the Court into a position, whereby they will have to grant an adjournment, an indefinite adjournment, a stay on proceedings, a withdrawing of the case by the Plaintiff/Accuser, or the case being struck out. If at all possible, it is and would perhaps be in your interest as the Defendant/Accused/the party being attacked, to report the same UNLAWFUL and ILLEGAL Acts, Omissions and Behaviours of ALL parties to the action to An Garda Siochana and/or to the Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigations, in relation to their Criminal intentions, and thus bring more pressure to bear on the Solicitors, the Court Registrars, the Court Officers, Employees and Agents, the Bar*isters and ultimately the Judges.
ALL JUDGES SINCE 1986 (and possibly earlier), have been and mostly still are complicit in facilitating the Crime(s), as denoted herein above. ALL CASES SINCE 1986 (and possibly earlier), whether they be Civil/Commercial, Criminal or a Hybrid of both are founded upon illegal and unlawful affidavits, and therefore ALL Judgements therein are UNLAWFUL and ILLEGAL.
This means that ALL JUDGEMENTS dating back to 1986 (and possibly earlier) can be taken as VOID, as ALL these cases were founded upon the use of UNLAWFUL AND ILLEGAL AFFIDAVITS. That is, of course, according to Statutory Instrument No. 15 of 1986, governing the Rules of the Superior Courts, and more specifically AFFIDAVITS under Order 40 Rules 1 through to 33 etc.  ... REF:  [2]
This obviously has major implications for the Courts and is a pretty major headache for “the State”. But having said that, “the State” and “their Courts” have pretty much been persistently attacking, and in many cases grievously harming, tens if not hundreds of thousands, of the People of this Island for many generations.
Here is an extract from a relatively recent case/matter … note the way it is structured/worded “ … this Court, the presiding Judge hereof, and the Plaintiff herein are ALL acting on illegal documents in breach of several Statutory Instruments (S.I.), one such Statutory Instrument being No. 15 of 1986, but by NO means limited to this S.I., The law (S.I.’s) are Extremely Simple in relation to the subject matter and the Law is Extremely Clear in relation to the Subject matter. Either these “legal documents” fabricated by the Plaintiff and its Solicitors/agents are LEGAL or they are ILLEGAL. They quite simply CANNOT be a little bit of both”.
The “fabricated” documents are either LEGAL or ILLEGAL. This is not something any of the Judges to date have had the stomach to address, they would much rather adjourn and/or stay the matter in order NOT to deal with the statement, and who can blame them?
There is only so much material and time we can put into any (short) article/email. This article is a snippet of a much greater and larger volume of work entitled “EVERYMANS LAW”, which shall be released in 2015. In the interim, you might read, re-read and re-read the material herein. If you cannot assist yourself now in slowing down and/or stopping any legal matter proceeding and/or progressing, then you need to re-read the material.
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