Sunday 21 August 2016

What price the Rule Of Law and the removal of tyranny ?

Raising One Million Pounds for an extremely important campaign to stop the unlawful process of Globalisation by restoring the Rule Of Law in the United Kingdom.

All of us are being provably lied to and deceived by our political representatives in Westminster on a truly massive scale ! Just look at what's happening to our country !

The poorest and most vulnerable in our society are cruelly suffering from ever increasing austerity cutbacks, the NHS is increasingly slipping into more and more financial chaos, major infrastructure projects are being handed over to foreign investors and overseas companies, and our armed services are being cutback to levels where they can no longer guarantee the defence and security of our country.

And whilst all this is happening we are seeing the state giving itself more and more invasive surveillance and emergency powers with which to micro-manage and control our everyday lives.

George Orwell's nightmare vision of the future is being assembled before our very eyes.

The reality is that we,the British people,are witnessing the well-­being and sovereignty of our nation
being increasingly and unlawfully distressed by an imposed fraudulent and indeed fascist global
financial system that has been created by the corporate‘one per cent’ for the corporate ‘one per cent’.

It’s time for all of us to wake up to this relenting process of Globalisation and to take positive, but
peaceful action to take back our country from the criminals!

Henry Ford once said “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking
and money system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”

The simple fact is this – the world’s usury-­based and privately controlled central banking system
exists to ensure humanity never has enough money to secure the happiness, well-­‐being and prosperity of the world as a whole. Led by the secretive,unaccountable and very little known Bank
for International Settlements (BIS), this Swiss-­‐based, privately run organisation oversees around
95% of the world’s money. It  does this by controlling sixty of the world’s central banks,including
the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve,and by allowing money to be created completely out
of thin air as debt.

For this global fraud to succeed,our system-­‐serving politicians in the so-­‐called
‘Westminster Bubble’,through a blend of ignorance,arrogance and actual treason,ultimately work
for the interests of the central bankers and the corporate financiers in the City of London.

They are certainly not working for the interests of their electorates!

We are told by politicians,the mainstream media and system-­serving economists that elected
governments of sovereign nations are compelled to borrow money from the private banking and
financial sector.

This is a lie!

In fact,this is the ‘Great Lie’that completely dominates the British political scene.And it is all
completely at odds with the proof of history!

How many people know about Colonial Scrip,the Greenback Dollar or indeed the British 1914
Treasury-­issued Bradbury Pound–these are just three examples which completely prove that
governments can create,issue and control debt-­‐free and interest-­‐free money that is based entirely
on a nation’s wealth and potential in order to meet the needs,happiness and prosperity of that nation.

It is simple and it is effective…..and the private bankers,with their usury and their
fraudulent creation of money completely out of thin air as debt,will do everything possible to
prevent us,the people,from understanding this simple financial concept.

All the political parties at Westminster have so far refused point blank to address this appalling

In doing so,they are treasonously allowing this process of increasing financial globalisation to
distress our country’s sovereignty and economic well-‐being.And as if this wasn’t bad enough,
another insidious and criminal attack is being allowed by our elected representatives to take place
on the British people.

Our country is a Common Law country and we have a Trial by Jury Constitution which prevents
tyranny from being allowed to flourish.

Using the very little known process of Annulment by Jury,unjust Acts and Statutes passed by
Parliament can be declared null and void by a jury of randomly selected people,thus ensuring
that Parliament can never be allowed to pass legislation that is harmful to the British people.

Parliament is not the supreme decision-­making body in the land–we,the people are!

And the sooner our self-­serving arrogant politicians understand this simple fact,the better it will be
for the future of our country!
This simple process of Annulment by Jury to prevent tyranny is being deliberately ignored by a
corrupt judiciary and legal system which prefers to serve the interests of the corporate and financial
global elite (remember that the Middle Temple,Inner Temple and the Law Society all reside within
the confines of the City of London).

Even the jury system itself is coming under attack-­in County,Family and Magistrates courts,we see
so-­‐called ‘judges’,contrary to their oaths of office,acting as both judge and jury.

This is tyranny! This is treason!

And this is completely at odds with the 1215 Magna Carta (The Great Charter)which can never be
overturned,repealed or devalued by Parliament or the Judiciary.

This point cannot be made too strongly-­the Jury is our ultimate protection against tyranny and those
who seek to tamper with it are guilty of treason!

And very much connected to all of this is how the Establishment and the Crown (the City of London)
have created by complete deception,and by the use of unfathomable ‘legalese’,a hidden and secretive
legal system whereby the‘lifeless’corporate body ‘owns’ and directs the legal,political,administrative
and financial affairs of ‘living’ human-­‐beings by the criminal imposition of the hidden ‘Law of the
Sea’as opposed to the Law of the Land with its Common Law and Trial by Jury.

This is all completely unlawful and it is only because the electorate at large are completelyignorant
of what’s really going on that this system of unlawful corporate control is allowed to persist.

Along with the appalling deception of money creation and money supply,this corporate apparatus
of legal control,through the creation of ‘legal fictions’ for all human-­‐beings,must be exposed and

This is no exaggeration–we are all living in a lawless country,a rogue state,a state that is becoming
increasingly Orwellian as each day goes by and which has turned its back on the Rule of Law.

We are living in a country where ignorance,arrogance and treason prevail amongst our decision-­makers.We are living in a country where children are seized by the state from loving families on
the say-so of a corrupt judge with no jury.We are living in a country where people’s homes are
being seized by the use of provably fraudulent court paperwork on behalf of the criminal bankers.

And we are living in a country where our sovereignty,security and financial well-being are in the
hands of the unelected,unaccountable and completely criminal global financial elite.

It’s time for all of us to wake up and to take back control of our country by restoring the Rule of Law!

And especially so as compelling evidence is coming to light implicating very clearly that this cruel
and ruthless corporate mindset that is creating this Orwellian future for all of us,is also closely aligned to the emerging Establishment-­led paedophile rings operating in Britain today!

For all our children’s sake,if nothing else,we must all act now!

The provable solutions to put all of this right are in our hands.

A massive and well organised grassroots Rule of Law campaign is now starting to mobilise to both alert the British nation to what’s really going on whilst at the same time giving practical help to the
victims of this cruel and unlawful financial and legal system.

Overseen by the British Constitution Group (BCG),the Rule of Law campaign is seeking to raise at
least a million pounds over the coming months to create and activate the resources and activism
needed to peacefully and lawfully collapse the power of the City of London and all it stands for.

We represent 99% of the British people and when people wake up to the appalling and completely
provable truth about Globalisation and what’s really happening to our country,our children and to the
human race as a whole,there will be no stopping the momentum to restore the Rule of Law and to see
that justice is done.

And one final thing – the Rule of Law campaign is not offering ‘hope’ or ‘change’,as system-­serving,
party-­‐serving politicians do when eliciting the support of the electorate,we are offering solutions –
solutions that have been tried and tested by history!

The Rule of Law campaign needs money and resources to:

• Give essential funding to Rule of Law front-­line activists who are providing legal advice and
practical support for those innocent people and families who are having their lives ruined by
corrupt judges,lawyers,bankers and system-­‐serving officialdom.

• Take out full page Rule of Law adverts in the mainstream national and regional newspapers that
highlight the proven truth about our constitution,the Common Law,the Bradbury Pound and how the
global financial system really works.

• Make Rule of Law documentaries and programmes for both the mainstream and alternative media.

• Fit out and crew a ‘battle bus’ or something similar to take the Rule of Law message and the truth
about the global financial system all over the country.

• Print and distribute hundreds of thousands of Rule of Law explanatory leaflets.

• Run the BCG office in Plymouth to ensure its efficiency and effectiveness in coordinating and
encouraging ‘Rule of Law’ activism all over the country.

• Host key-­‐note speeches,lectures and conferences on the Rule of Law.

• Encourage decent and honourable people to stand for public office as Independents who are committed to the Rule of Law and who will go wherever the truth takes them.

The guiding principle that will drive the Rule of Law campaign to success is “Minimum Resources
– Maximum Effect!”

Unlike major charities that base themselves in expensive offices and who award their senior staff
exorbitant salaries, the BCG Rule of Law campaign will only pay essential expenses and,where
appropriate, only the minimum wage and, apart from the very small BCG office in Plymouth
(shared with the UK Column), will encourage campaigners to work from home.

Every penny will be strictly accounted for – we will show the politicians and the bankers just how
things should be done!

Good will, common sense, open transparency and personal integrity will carry the day!

If you feel that you can support this absolutely vital campaign to save our nation from the criminal
effects of Globalisation, the international bankers, our corrupt Judiciary and Parliament, then please
give whatever you can afford.

You can donate money by going to:

Or by sending a cheque (made payable to the British Constitution Group) to:

The British Constitution Group -­ Rule of Law Suite A2, Phoenix Mill Business Park, Estover

Or you can offer resources that the campaign needs by ringing 01752 478054

Thank you
Justin Walker– Rule of Law campaign co-­‐ordinator

(site being upgraded for Rule of Law).


The Rule of Law campaign, overseen by the British Constitution Group, does not support or subscribe to any political party or ideology. It is an inclusive grassroots campaigning network
of ordinary decent people who wish to expose and put to an end the provable treason, corruption
and lies in our courts, parliaments and financial institutions, whilst upholding and reasserting the
supremacy of our Trial by Jury Common Law jurisdiction and constitution.

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