Tuesday 27 August 2013

Enough Is Enough

This morning three " Commercial Lien " documents were signed for by registered post and are now in the hands of three despicable criminals who still hold Public Office.
These criminals have collectively broken every law in the land in order to either cover up for their own criminal activities or those of others involved in the kidnapping of Linda's daughter in 1998 from her sickbed in America at gunpoint using a false passport so that Medical Negligence actions already started by the Lewis family would never come to light in the United Kingdom.
The value of each " Commercial Lien " is £20,000,000 ( Twenty Million Pounds Sterling ).
Notices of " First and Final Warnings " were sent to these criminals on the 17th August 2013 and were signed for and received.
They chose not reply.
Therefore we have followed due process and lawfully activated the "Commercial Liens" in which these criminals now have 30 days to rebut the truthful accusations made by Linda Lewis against them by individual affidavit and then take Linda to a common law court for judgement.
They cannot do this. 
Therefore after the 30 day period has elapsed we receive "Summary Judgement " and " Public Notices " will be activated with adverts in newspapers and especially The London Gazette and all credit agencies.
The Commercial Liens will be pursued to the end and we will be looking for full recompense to the value of each lien from every criminal named.
A " Lawful Chain " has been established to protect Linda Lewis from any potential harassment or harm and will ensure that this process cannot be stopped under any circumstances.    
As well as the three " Commercial Liens " mentioned , several other Liens have been  " Lawfully Notarised " and are held at different locations and will be posted to other criminals involved in the kidnapping of Linda's daughter very soon.
Several American Radio Stations are keen to follow this story and are watching with interest.
I have already been booked in for a two hour show in a few weeks time. 
My and the families thanks to the many who made all this possible.
Remember that you cannot kill the truth but you can always kill a lie.
Original Source " Justice 4 Linda Lewis " website www.cllrkevinedwards.blogspot.co.uk

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