Monday 31 March 2014


A well respected Cornish father of two driven to despair by Britains’ reviled ‘family court’ tried to kill a state psychiatrist and a social worker.

Former South Crofty mining engineer Christopher Hines-Randle, who has no previous criminal record, gave up after two years in Truro’s secret ‘family’ courts.
After 24 months battling to see his children, the 54 year old decided to execute biblical justice.
Part of the desperate plan he eventually hatched was political.
It involved taking revenge on a member of Britain’s hated ‘Social Services’ bureacratic elite – Debbie Tully – by torturing her to death.

Mr Hines-Randle gave up on a civilised resolution when the social worker and a state psychiatrist targeted him.
He snapped after, acting behind closed doors and outside of both common and statutory law, the state officials took his children and dispossesed him of his home.
Even during the case, despite a range of unethical laws such courts use to criminalise applicants, Hines-Randle remained of good character, and without a criminal record.
It took two years of state-sanctioned persecution and abuse, ending in Hines-Randle’s homelessness, for him to give up on the ‘family court’ system, and reject the rule of law.

The bloodthirsty scheme also constituted the murder of his ex-wife and her mother.
Officials of the ‘family court’ propagandise such killings to bolster prejudice against ‘male violence’, but as Hines-Randle’s case showed, they in fact cause them.
‘Family courts’ have no juries, no public access, no press scrutiny, and no responsibility to prove facts beyond ‘reasonable doubt’.

Court victims often kill themselves or lose their minds. Occasionally they kill others.
Statistics show family court staff are responsible for 200 children losing contact with their fathers every day, and in the last decade of their operation, forced suicide of men has risen 70 per-cent.
As politicians have resisted reform again and again, bloody political violence is on the increase, as victims of the courts give up on democratic justice.

Last year a family lawyer was shot dead by one of his victims in Wiltshire, UK.
Hines-Randle didn’t actually do anything.

He didn’t have a functioning bomb, the court heard he had no actual intention of carrying out his ‘fantastical plan’, and he had never broken the law before in his 54 years.
He was caught because he contacted colleague Adrian Richards, asked him to get Kool Packs from his workplace.

He then openly explained, on the phone, he was planning to build a bomb and kill up to six people.
The police caught him in the car he’d been reduced by the SS and the ‘family court’ to living in, with a biscuit tin with gunpowder in it on the back seat.

He was nearby hated ‘family lawyers’ Follet Stock
He didn’t even go not guilty – a common excuse used by judges for harsh sentencing.
Instead the father of two admitted ‘making threats to kill, having an explosive device with intent to endanger life and having an explosive substance under suspicious circumstances.’
He got an astonishing 12 year sentence from Judge Christopher Harvey Clark.

Clark has been known to set free career criminals, on the basis the judge thought he might have made a working bomb, because he used to work at South Crofty.

Such travesties take place in Truro Crown Court, and across Britain, every day.
In some areas, such as the ‘family courts’ and the ‘domestic violence’ courts, the rule of law has broken down completely, with no standards recognisable to democratic jurisprudence applied at all.
To put Hines-Randle’s sentence in perspective, a woman raped an eight year old fifty times got two years in a UK court the other day.

As you’ll see if you click this link, CCN inferred heavily, when police put out news that a man had been stopped with a bomb in his car, that it was to with ‘family law’.
You might think we had an inside source on that story. Well on that one we didn’t. We knew it could only be a ‘family court’ victim.

In fact we appear to be the only newspaper in the country that realises Britain is on the brink of violent social upheaval as politicians fail to stop the bloody and tyrannical rule of a secret court system.

The scandal of the ‘family courts’ and of the operations of their equally secret and equally powerful counterparts ‘social services’, is one of institutionalised persecution on a historical scale.
In terms of the number of victims killed, and the overt nature of the discrimination employed, it ranks up with Apartheid.

The police. although their hands are tied to a great extent, are useless.
Low ranking officers express frustration at having less power than the ‘political police’ of social services, high ranking ones generally embrace this undemocratic orthodoxy so as not to jeopardise promotion.

The officer in this case, Detective Constable Andy Whittle, positively gloated that a father of two aged 54 with no criminal record, who, remarkably, was gainfully employed up until his arrest, had been jailed, at massive public expense, for 12 years, for having a biscuit tin with gunpowder in the back of his car, after phoning a mate and threatening to avenge officials who had robbed him of his home and children.
Det Const Whittle said in an official statement: “Hines-Randle was a very dangerous man and, if (our emphasis ) his plans had been allowed to continue, people’s lives would have been put at serious risk.”

Then in the well-worn jargon of the ‘counselling’ industry he went on about the ‘stress’ suffered by the people who drove the defendant over the edge, and how they now had ‘comfort’ and could ‘get on with their lives’.

The people Hines-Randle targeted were his ex-wife Sharon, her mother Sandra Marten, a psychiatrist called Jon Doe and social worker Debbie Tully.

The system that churns out official media will now be chasing Sharon and Sandra for ‘their sides of the story’, probably offering up to about ten thousands pounds; that’s what a magazine would pay.
If they accept, they’ll get to approve every word of what’s said, through a system called ‘copy approval’, which effectively entails total censorship of the story by the interviewee.
Any coverage will lionise Hines-Randle’s ex-wife and mother in law as innocent victims and demonise him as a violent lunatic.

As journalists and as human beings, we’re sick of it.

CCN does not condone violence, and urges victims of the ‘family court’ and ‘SS’ to engage in political campaigning that widespread civil disobedience and unrest.
You can find links to online petitions HERE and HERE
To pressure your local MP to enforce long-resisted democratic reform and end the bloodshed, click through to our article HERE
If you’re looking to take part in acts of protest, there are diverse protest groups you can find by Googling forced adoption, fathers rights, or you may choose to go down the ‘Common Law’ road, and refuse to play ball with the legislature at all.

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