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Gog And Magog

Gog and Magog symbolize a worldwide Satanic confederacy that will attack the New Covenant Israel before the end of time:
And when the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison, And shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth, Gog, and Magog, to gather them together to battle: the number of whom is as the sand of the sea. And they went up on the breadth of the earth, and compassed the camp of the saints about, and the beloved city: and fire came down from God out of heaven, and devoured them. And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever. (Revelation 20: 7-10)
The battle of Gog and Magog (also called Armageddon), is the last war or battle in the history of humanity....It takes place just before the end of time at the Second Coming of Christ....It can also be called the Last Great Inquisition!!
Armageddon is also described symbolically in the Old Covenant Book of Ezekiel, where an ancient invasion of the restored state of Israel by a confederacy led by Gog and Magog is described:
And the word of JEHOVAH came unto me, saying,Son of man, set thy face against Gog, the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal, and prophesy against him, And say, Thus saith JEHOVAH Elohim; Behold, I am against thee, O Gog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal: And I will turn thee back, and put hoks into thy jaws, and I will bring thee forth, and all thine army, horses and horsemen, all of them clothed with all sorts of armour, even a great company with bucklers and shields, all of them handling swords. (Ezekiel 38: 1-4).
This battle against the armies of Antiochus did take place literally at the time of the Maccabees but also applies to the New Covenant Israel at the end of time.
Gog and Magog are the "protectors" of the City of London!!
Two giants named Gog and Magog are the "patron saints" or "protectors" of the City of London....Every year, on the second Saturday in November, they are paraded through the streets of the City.
The City of London is about a square mile area of central London where the Bank of England and the financial district are located....It is very similar to Vatican City, which is a separate jurisdiction within the city of Rome.
The Man of Sin has two legs: One is firmly planted in Vatican City and the other is firmly planted in the City of London!!
Vatican City map. Vatican City map.
Gog and Magog are two GIANTS whose feet are firmly planted in Vatican City and the City of London!!
Gog and Magog are guarding all the gold in the Bank of England stolen from South Africa and Fort Knox.

City of London map.
Daniel the Prophet foresaw all of this 500 years before the Messiah was born:
Thus he said, The fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon earth, which shall be different from all kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces. (Daniel 7:23).
The 4th empire of Daniel's vision was the pagan Roman Empire, which did devour the whole earth, and was divided into 2 halves at the time of Emperor Constantine. The myth of the decline and fall of the Roman Empire was started by British author Edward Gibbon.
Satanic giants Gog and Magog.
Satanic giants Gog and Magog.
Satanic giants Gog and Magog–associated with Armageddon in the Bible–are prepared for the annual Lord Mayor's Procession in the City of London, on November 9, 2013.
These giants are dressed as Roman soldiers and represent Constantinus and Constantine.
The 2 Goliaths.
The 2 Goliaths.
When the Romans invaded Britannia in 43 AD, they found that the Druids were their most implacable enemy. Druid and Roman hated each other with a passion; but like King Herod and Pontius Pilate, they became fast friends in order to destroy Christianity. Constantinus was a Roman tribune and Constantine was his son by Druidess Princess Helena.
Gog and Magog on parade.
Gog and Magog on parade.
Modern day Goliaths pulled through the streets of the City of London.
One of those Goliaths is carrying a sword, a spear and a shield (I Samuel 17:45).
Giants on parade.
Giants on parade.
This parade is one of the oldest in the world, going back to the 13th century, but the giants Gog and Magog were not introduced until the reign of King Henry V.
Lord Mayor's coach. Lord Mayor's coach.
Physical giants have been replaced by financial and military giants . . . but the final goal is still the same: war against JEHOVAH.
"He that sits in the heavens shall laugh:JEHOVAH shall have them in derision"
(Psalm 2:4).
British battle tank on parade.
British battle tank on parade.
At her coronation in 1953, Queen Elizabeth II had a scepter in one hand and a cross crowned orb in the other. The symbols are borrowed directly from pagan Greece and Rome.
Queen Elizabeth II with orb and scepter.
Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II
with orb and scepter.
The orb and scepter were the symbols of Zeus and Jupiter as the supreme false gods of the Greek and Roman pantheons.
The orb represents universal dominion.
The goddess Nike was called Victoria at Rome.
The cross, representing the Papal Roman Empire, was substituted for Victoria or Victory by Emperor Constantine.
Zeus/Jupiter with orb.
Zeus/Jupiter with orb, Nike/Victoria, and scepter.
The visual symbolism of holding the world in one's hand was a clear message used since antiquity. Citizens of Rome were familiar with the plain round globe as a representation of the world or universe, ruled by Jupiter, and thus the Emperor's dominion and absolute dictatorial rule over the pagan Roman Empire....Obviously, the Roman eagle has been replaced by the British lion so they can use the United States as their cat's-paw or lap-dog!!
The Holy Bible strictly prohibits women from ruling over men. When Israel departed from JEHOVAH, women ruled over them:
As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths. (Isaiah 3:12).
Saint Paul had women deacons but he foresaw the great apostasy and he warned against women ruling over men:
But I do not permit a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. (I Timothy 2:12).
In Revelation chapters 17 & 18, Babylon the Great is depicted as a woman riding the beast. The rule of women over men always turns out to be a disaster because women are more easily manipulated by unscrupulous men.
Downing Street is named after a notorious spy!!
One of the most famous addresses in the world is 10 Downing Street—the residence of the British Prime Minister. The street is named after a man who spied on the British Christians as they sought to plant the last days Israel in the New World.
Sir George Downing
Sir George Downing
Anglo-Irish Sir George Downing was a notorious spy who spied on John Winthrop as he sought to plant the New Israel in the New World Wilderness.
Downing later spied for Oliver Cromwell and then he spied against the Dutch.
After the Restoration of Charles II, this Judas had some of his old "friends" arrested and returned to London for torture and beheading.

10 Downing St. is named
10 Downing Street is
named after a spy.
The Tower of London is located very close to 10 Downing Street. The city of London was once a Roman city called Londinium.
Ruins of a temple of Mithras in
Ruins of a temple of Mithras in
London, England.
In 43 AD, the Mithraic worshipping Roman army invaded Britannia.
The cult of Mithras was married to the super-secretive Druid religion, creating a deadly hybrid, which later evolved into the Papal Roman Empire.
Corax (Raven) was the first degree of the deadly Mithriac cult.
Ravens were the guardians of the Ravens were the guardians of the
temple of Mithras in Londinium.
Mithraic baptism was the first step into the Mysteries of Mithra:
The first degree was that of Corax (Raven), under the rule of Mercury. This stage symbolized the death of the neophyte. (In ancient Persia, it was the custom to place the bodies of the dead on funeral towers, to be eaten by ravens.) At this first stage the neophyte would die and be reborn into a spiritual path. A mantra was given to him to repeat, and his sins were washed away by baptism in water. (Nabarz, The Mysteries of Mithras, p.30).
The Church of Rome and the Church of England produces "Christians" in exactly the same method:
Holy Baptism is the basis of the whole Christian life, the gateway to life in the Spirit (vitae spiritualis ianua), and the door which gives access to the other sacraments. Through Baptism we are freed from sin and reborn as sons of God; we become members of Christ, are incorporated into the Church and made sharers in her mission: "Baptism is the sacrament of regeneration through water in the word." (Catechism of the "Catholic" Church, 1997, Part Two, Article 1).
It was this deadly hybrid that Saint Paul had to contend with when he evangelized Britannia around 66 AD.
British born Emperor Constantine returned the "favor" of the Roman invasion by invading the city of Rome in 212 AD.
The Bank of England is the heart of the City of London
The Druid/Jesuit founded Bank of England is the heart of the City of London. Since it was given a royal charter in 1694, it has totally dominated the British government, because the golden rule says that "whoever has the gold; makes the rules."
The Bank of England was granted a royal charter by King William III in 1694. This bank took financial control of the nation out of the hands of the sovereign and parliament . . . and placed it in the hands of Jesuit bankers.
Its founder was a Scotsman named William Paterson. Paterson was involved in various financial scams before he founded the Bank of England.
Bank of England.
Bank of England.
Canadian Mark Carney is governor of the Bank of England.
All the stolen gold from South Africa and Fort Knox is now in the Bank of Canada.
Since 1694, the bank has bypassed the ruling monarch and Parliament by creating its own money to finance wars of conquest around the globe.

Mark Carney (b. 1965).
Mark Carney (b. 1965).
The Bank of England is a USURY bank and issues "paper money." Prior to 1694, usury was considered a crime punishable with a jail sentence.
The U.S. "Federal" Reserve is almost an exact copy of this usury paper money scam.
This bank is called a central bank and has a complete monopoly on the printing of paper money....It also sets interest (usury) rates for the nation. Many central banks around the world are modeled on this bank, especially the "Federal" Reserve Bank in the United States.
The Bank of England was responsible for financing all the wars that Great Britain fought after 1694....Many of these wars were fought against the Dutch and French for the benefit of the Spanish Inquisition.
Gog and Magog on her majesty's secret service!!
Prior to 1900, spying was considered a despicible profession. Spying came out of the closet in 1908 with the founding of MI5 and MI6.
When one nation spies on another, the other nation takes countermeasures, leading to an endless circle of espionage and counter-espionage.
Originally, MI5 and MI6 were housed in the same building, but they eventually became separate spying bureaus.
MI5 hdqrs. at Thames House, Westminster, London.
MI5 hdqrs. at Thames House,
Westminster, London.
Domestic and international spying have separate headquarters in London, but they are all financed by the Bank of England, and answer to the queen!!
The CIA and FBI are their CLONES in the United States.
Spies are glamorized by Ian Fleming's James Bond books and movies but the Holy Bible calls them despicable.
MI6 spy headquarters in London. Nothing covert about MI6 spy
headquarters in London.
People would be astonished and shocked if they knew that many of their great heroes in the political, financial, military, "scientific," and musical worlds were nothing more than British secret service agents!!
Only the Judgment Day will reveal the number of people who spied for . . . and are still spying for those 2 agencies.
Emperor Constantine was a British giant!
Emperor Constantine was a British giant who conquered the entire Roman Empire, beginning from his native land.
Statue of Constantine in York, England. Statue of Constantine in York, England.
Constantine was a British GIANT or COLOSSUS who conquered the entire Roman Empire with the help of his Romano-British soldiers.
He was the founder of the Latin Church and the city of Constantinople.
Colossal head of Constantine in Rome.
Colossal head of Constantine in Rome.
Constatine's father, Constantius, was the husband of Helena, only daughter of King Coel. When King Coel died, Constantinus became the lawful king of Britannia as well as Caesar. Constantine inherited the title of king from his father, and thus he was Roman Emperor . . . and king of Britannia.
King Henry V had Sir John Oldcastle burned alive for treason!!
Gog and Magog were first introduced into England during the reign of King Henry V. King Henry was completely under the control of the Latin Druid hierarchy, and often tried to get Christians to recant and return to Rome in order to save themselves from a fiery death.
English Christians were derisively called "Lollards" by the members of the Latin Church, and there were thousands of these peaceful patriotic Catholic Christians found throughout England and Wales.
King Henry had a close friend and gallant knight named Sir John Oldcastle. Sir John's "crime" was distributing the Scriptures in the English language, and exposing the corrupt lives of the Druid monks, who owned over 1/3 of the land in the kingdom
King Henry V (1386-1422).
King Henry V (1386–1422).
Reigned from 1413 to 1422.
Since the arrival of St. Paul in Britain, the battle between true Christianity and Druidism has been intense.
Thanks to the Druids, no record of this age long titanic conflict between light and darkness exists.
Christian martyr Sir John Oldcastle
Christian martyr Sir John Oldcastle
During the reign of King Henry V, Druid Canon Law supplanted English law. Christians who differed from Rome, and accepted the Scriptures alone, were accused of TREASON . . . and burned alive . . . or hanged, drawn, and quartered. Such was the fate of faithful patriotic knight Sir John Oldcastle.
Not since pagan Roman Britain were patriotic Christians accused of TREASON and martyred for not burning incense to Caesar....King Henry was sorry he missed the burning of his "good friend" Sir John....He was away in France at that time causing bloodshed and mayhem in that country.
King Henry V attacking innocent Christians outside London.
King Henry V attacking unarmed Christians
outside London.
In 1401, Henry IV enacted the first English law condemning Christians to be burned alive.
Thousands of English Christian were later condemned to the stake by this diabolical law.
Cruel burning of Sir John Oldcastle from Foxe's Book of Christian Martyrs. Cruel burning of Sir John Oldcastle from Foxe's Book of Christian Martyrs.
Beginning with the reign of King Henry IV, Christians were accused of "heresy" and burned alive. Sir John Oldcastle was suspended in chains and burned alive.
The Druid monks framed the Christians and accused them of plotting to kill the king and overthrowing the government....They were condemned under this new "heresy" law. This law has never been rescinded and can be reenacted at any time. That is why Great Britain does not have a WRITTEN Constitution like the United States.
Saint John Wycliffe (1328 -1384).
Saint John Wycliffe
 Gog and Magog has a BURNING HATRED for true Christianity!!
44 years after his death, the bones of Saint John Wycliffe–the morning star of the Reformation–were dug up and burned.
Burning the bones of Saint John Wycliffe. Fanatical Papal clergy burning the bones
of Saint John Wycliffe.
In 1401, Thomas Arundel, Archbishop of Canterbury—a bitter foe of the Bible in English–had an infamous statute passed entitled De Haeretico Comburendo (Concerning the Burning of Heretics).
In 1428, Saint John's bones were dug up and burned. His "crime" was translating the Scriptures from the Latin Vulgate into English. His ashes were thrown into the nearby river Swift, which flows into the Avon:
The Avon to the Severn runs,
The Severn to the sea,
And Wycliffe’s dust shall spread abroad,
Wide as the waters be.
The Severn flows into the Bristol Channel which bore John Cabot on his epic New World discovery voyage of 1494.
Wahhabi Islam was established by the Bank of England!
Islam and Druidism are remarkably similar false religions. One of the revered symbols of the Druids is the crescent moon. The big difference is that Muslims do not follow the pagan Druid practice of cremation. An entire chapter in the Holy Bible is devoted to the burial of Sarah—beloved wife of Abraham (Genesis Chapter 23).
The British government and Bank of England was present at every stage in the creation of modern day Wahhabi Islam.
The original founder of the Saudi dynasty was a Bedouin Emir named Muhammad ibn Saud (circa 1748–1765).
In 1744, Muhammad ibn Saud's son, Abdul Aziz, married the daughter of Imam Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab (1703–1792):
Here in Dariya, Al-Wahhab won the support of the local chief, Muhammad ibn Saud, leader of a sub-branch of the powerful Aneiza tribe and already admired for his abilities as a warrior.
Muhammad ibn Saud became not only a convert to Wahhabism but, by marrying his eldest son Abd Al-Aziz ibn Saud to Al-Wahhab's daughter, became the founding father of the Saudi-Wahhabi dynasty–the future rulers of Saudi Arabia. (Allen, God's Terrorists, The Wahhabi Cult and the Hidden Roots of Modern Jihad, p. 52).
This marriage alliance of Emir Abdul Aziz ibn Saud with Imam Abdul Wahhab created an alliance between political and religious Wahhabi Islam . . . and remains the basis of the Saudi dynasty to this very day.
Abdul Aziz ibn Saud (1876-1953).
Abdul Aziz ibn Saud (1876–1953).
Caliph from 1932 to 1953.
Emir Abdul Aziz ibn Saud was the founder of SAUDI Arabia.
His great-grandmother was the daughter of Imam Abdul Wahhab–a Jesuit in disguise–who took the Koran literally and advocated killing all the "Bad" Muslims.
Harry St. John Bridger Philby.
Harry St. John Bridger Philby.
In 1979, Iran—ancient Persia—was taken over by the "Good" Muslims who follow the Koran and advocate killing all the "Bad" Muslims.
Haji Williamson (1873 -1958).
Haji Williamson (1873–1958).
Ayatollah Khomeini was a Rasputin like figure with strange mesmerizing power.
His real father was a British MI6 spy named Haji Williamson.
Ayatollah Haji Williamson Khomeini. Ayatollah Haji Williamson Khomeini (1902–1989).
Williamson–an employee of the Ango-Iranian Oil Company, had at least 4 wives and 4 surviving sons.
One of the sons of Haji Williamson was Ruhollah Khomeini. The British Druid sponsored Islamic Revolution began in that country in 1979, which was the year 1400 in the Islamic calendar.
The British invasion of the U.S. in 1812
The war of 1812 between Great Britain and the United States was financed by the Bank of England and the Jesuits. The Jesuits were determined to enforce the Bull of Pope Alexander VI and stop the new nation from expanding westward.
The invasion of the eastern seaboard of the U.S. was a feint to hide their real destination: New Orleans and the Louisiana Territory.
General Andrew Jackson was the hero of the Battle of New Orleans.
General Andrew Jackson was the hero of the Battle of New Orleans.
By December 12, 1814, a huge British armada, under the command of Sir Alexander Cochrane, with more than 10,000 soldiers and sailors aboard had anchored in the Gulf of Mexico east of Lake Pontchartrain and Lake Borgne. This huge armada's mission was to seize the Louisiana Territory and hand it back to the Spanish Inquisition!!
The Battle of New Orleans on January 8, 1815.
The Battle of New Orleans on January 8, 1815.
Here is a quote from Jackson historian Augustus C. Buell:
The British plan of subjugation was complete. Soon after the battle it was learned that General Pakenham had a proclamation written, signed and ready to be promulgated the moment his army should enter the city. This proclamation denied the right of Napoleon to sell Louisiana, denounced the pretensions of the United States to its sovereignty, declared that Spain, the rightful possessor, was incapable of maintaining her territorial rights and, finally, asserted a provisional occupation by the British forces as a virtual protectorate on behalf of the Spanish Crown. The night after the battle this proclamation was burned. It may have been used to illuminate the scene where the corpse of its author was being prepared for shipment back to England in a cask of rum. (Buell, History of Andrew Jackson, Vol, II, pp. 80-81).
General Jackson sent the British lion back to Druidland with his tail between his legs. The Bank of England had to wait until the Civil War for another opportunity to break up the Union.
President Jackson closed the corrupt Bank of the United States and gave all its money to the states....The closure of the bank and the redistribution of itsmoney allowed the United States to expand to the Pacific Ocean.
The U.S. was central bank free until the "Federal" Reserve Bank was chartered in 1913.
The U.S. Civil War was Bank of England instigated!!
By 1860, the U.S. stretched from Canada to Mexico and from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. Obviously, the Jesuits were horrified at this loss of the best part of the New World to what they considered "heretics."
They had a plan however, and that was to divide and conquer the entire nation, with eventual annexation to Mexico.... Prince Albert, beloved husband of Queen Victoria, foiled their plans . . . and it cost him his life.
Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha was the husband and consort of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. He was a MAN OF PEACE and never favored British participation in the disastrous Crimean War.
Prince Albert (1819 -1861), was the beloved husband of Queen Victoria.
Prince Albert (1819–1861), was the beloved husband of Queen Victoria.
Prince Albert—beloved husband of Queen Victoria—changed a belligerent letter from the British government to President Lincoln.
That act of human kindness cost him his life, and made Queen Victoria a grieving widow for the remainder of her long life.
Queen Victoria (1819 -1901).
Queen Victoria (1819–1901).
The common people in England were anti-slavery and supported President Lincoln....However, when the drums of war began to beat, there was no shortage of volunteers to fight the hated "Yankees."
New Khazaria was financed by the Bank of England
The Bank of England was completely behind the establishment of New Khazaria.
It was general Allenby's conquest of Jerusalem in 1917 that opened the door for the Khazars to occupy Palestine.
In ancient history, Gog and Magog was always associated with the Caucasus and the Khazars.
The prophetic system called FUTURISM is just as deadly as the false Druidic religion of evolution....Futurism teaches that the Antichrist will not be revealed until 7 years before the end of time and that he will sit in a rebuilt "Jewish" temple in Jerusalem.
Obviously you needs "Jews" to fulfill that "prophecy" and that is why the Bank of England was behind Zionism and the two world wars that led to the establishment of New Khazaria.
Futurism was the brainchild of a Spanish Jesuit priest named Francisco Ribera....Using Scripture and history, all the Reformers clearly identified the Papal dynasty or the Latin kingdom as the Antichrist....Ribera's Futurism sought to deflect their clear teaching on the present Antichrist to some nebulous individual way off in the distant future.
Edward Irving (1792-1834).
Edward Irving
These 2 Druid apostles of Jesuit futurism popularized the fallacy of a future Antichrist, a secret rapture, a rebuilt Jewish temple in Jerusalem, a future 1000 years reign of Christ on the earth etc., etc.
John Nelson Darby (1800-1882).
John Nelson Darby
Darby made several trips to the United States where Futurism spread like wildfire.
Zionism was the logical outcome of these self fulfilling "prophecies," and the Bank of England financed General Allenby in his campaign to wrest control of the Holy Land from the Turks and establish a fake State of Ysrael in its stead.
The MI6 British invasion of 1964
The most recent British invasion of the U.S. took place in February 1964....Instead of swords and muskets they carried . . . GUITARS!!
Of course, we are referring to the rock music invasion....Rock music was popularized in the U.S. by Elvis Presley, but Presley was not instrumental in the far reaching social and moral revolution that followed the British rock music invasion of 1964. The Druids were noted as bards or "musicians" and their hypnotizing drumbeats accompanied their diabolical human sacrifices.
Beatles arriving in New York on February 7, 1964. Beatles arriving in New York on February 7, 1964.
The MI6 Beatles broke down the door, and a flood of morally degenerate rock stars (led by the Rolling Stones), invaded the U.S.
The Fab Four are: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
The Rolling Stones. Degenerate MI6 Rolling Stones.
The vast majority of rock stars died by suicide or drug overdoses....Very few of them are singing in the angelic choirs right now.
The Holy Bible guarantees complete VICTORY over Gog and Magog!!
The famous story of David and Goliath is also an end of the world scenario.
3000 years ago, shepherd boy David faced a walking armored tank named Goliath who mocked JEHOVAH and challenged Israel to send a champion to fight with him:
Then David said to the Philistine, You come to me with a sword, with a spear, and with a shield. But I come to you in the name of JEHOVAH of hosts, the Elohim of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied. (I Samuel 17:45).
Goliath was knocked senseless by a stone from David's sling that hit his forehead. Then David ran to the giant, grabbed his sword, and cut off his head.
Joshua of Nazareth–the son of David–will strike the giant on the feet at the Battle of Armageddon:
You watched while a stone was cut out without hands, which struck the image on its feet of iron and clay, and broke them in pieces. Then the iron, the clay, the bronze, the silver, and the gold were crushed together, and became like chaff from the summer threshing floors; the wind carried them away so that no trace of them was found. And the stone that struck the image became a great mountain and filled the whole earth. (Daniel 2:34-35).
This smiting and crushing of the 4th beast will inaugurate the 5th universal empire which will last forever.
As there is a counterfeit "Christianity" with headquarters at Vatican City and the City of London, that just proves that real Christianity exists because nobody can counterfeit something that has no existence.
The Holy Bible, correctly translated, is the Christians' sharp sword....That divine Word promises complete victory over Satan, his perverted translations of Scripture, his Papal Pontiffs, his British Druids, his Spanish Inquisition . . . and over ALL the power of the enemy:
No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of JEHOVAH, and their righteousness is of me, saith JEHOVAH. (Isaiah 54:17).
JEHOVAH also promises us that no Druid sorcery or divination would work against the New Covenant Israel:
Surely there is no sorcery against Jacob, neither is there any divination against ISRAEL: according to this time it shall be said of Jacob and of Israel, What hath God wrought! (Numbers 23:23).
Joshua the Messiah said:
Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you. (Luke 10:19).

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