Tuesday 1 July 2014

The Kinsey Institute-Exposed A Warning to Parents and Governments.

PDF  To The Kinsey Report Click The Link Here  The Kinsey Report

 The Kinsey Institute another organisation funded by the Rockefeller Institute, the Rockefeller institute with their Billions of pounds could have used the Billions to protect the young children of the world from being sexualy abused and yet from 1947 the Rockefeller Institue funded the Kinsey Institute who has promoted that there should be sexual education for children as young as five as all children are born with sexual  feelings.

The Kinsey Institute has for many years kept world governments informed of their research.
Now move forward to the 60s when P.I.E  the Paedophile Information Exchange who were partley financed and supported by the British Governments wanted a law passed so that children from the age of  four were to be taught sex.

Move on to the 80s and after a lot of bad publicity against P.I.E. this was put onto the back burner of which governments always do when Parliament are under pressure not to pass a law, then years down the road in comes that same law under a different disguise and now we have the grooming of children legally from the age of four in all schools under the pretence of the sex education act in the link from the Daily mail you can see the explicit videos shown to school children

Dailymail 29th June 2014 a paedophile has walked free from a court of law after he accussed a little girl aged 7 of sexually abusing him and he is the paedophile
This latest case could be used as a landmark case for all paedophiles to put blame on the child as again can be read in 1979 LORD FALKLAND in the Spotlight blog from the news of the world reporting that Lord Falkland accused the little girls.
Lord Falkland, Viscount Falkland | Categories: Sentencing | URL:
To-days news Rolf Harris is awaiting sentence but due to ill health he may be another paedophile to walk free and as with many past known paedophiles in Governments most are now dead, so the British justice for the abused children is that most well known paedophiles are dead or have ill health or can now blame the children because children are taught sex and therefor know what sex is all about and will know what to do when asked by the paedophiles.

So was it the Kinsey report from 1947 that instigated P.I.E and then the paedophiles instigated the sex education in the schools now with the paedophiles walking out of court free,  I leave it to you all to do your own research and to join the dots.       

Maggie Tuttle

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