Tuesday 8 July 2014

More corruption endemic in the family court system.

Tom Dobbie‎The Global News and Views

Want to expose the abusers of thousands of children ?

There is an extremely important crown court trial that starts on 28th July in Warrington.

This is where they have charged me with harassing my
children's abusers by posting about them on the internet.

The police have ignored the reported crimes on the basis that social workers and the family court have (criminally) said no abuses took place.

They are trying to stop me producing the evidence and witnesses - saying that if the family court said no abuses (with no formal police investigation, the police being denied access to the children, and social workers perjuring the court (hard evidence)).

So, it's a real ball buster that can expose the corruption endemic in the family court system.

All publicity and help appreciated.

This is a nuclear bomb into the corrupt child abusing system if they cannot stop the evidence.

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