Tuesday, 12 August 2014


Dear Sir James
What can be done to help this family please? The young lady is being deprived of both her liberty and her family. In addition to depriving her of her liberty unjustly, this must be a violation of Article 8 of the European Human Rights Act, surely?

Our Story so far.....
August 8, 2014
our beautiful daughter Claire, 20, autistic with challenging behaviour.
She was placed on section 3 of the MHA on 9.9.13 and had been home or in the community with us 262 times out of 326 days.
Unfortunately after being told she needed to go to a hospital in Northampton, and then following an incident on the bus when she managed to get out of her safety harness (we still have no idea how when these are checked to ensure the right ones are fitted correctly ) she hadn't been out of the unit bar for walks since October 2013.
Following a high court hearing on Friday August 1st, which we lost, Claire was sent to a Brighton Mental Health hospital 5 hours from where we live, against hers and our wishes, and before any of us - her family - had a chance to say goodbye.
The visiting arrangements here are 2 hours per patient per week - which is absolutely ridiculous considering it is a 10 hour return journey for us, and with the fact that Claire had been home so much recently - almost daily.
Claire's wish is to have a care home "close to home" as she was promised in Feb 2012, and to be able to come and see us when she wants.
This is her dream, and we pray that she gets her wish.
Thank you all for supporting Claire, and us xxx
Yours sincerely,
Jean James

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