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FROM THE HORSE’s mouth: survivor of ritual satanic abuse and informant of paedo network

FROM THE HORSE’s mouth: survivor of ritual satanic abuse and informant of paedo network

The original of this blog post is in Spanish and refers to a list of victims and accused from a book in English. We are talking about Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) which is too shocking to imagine and thus as un-believable as institutionalised child snatching and organised child sexual abuse that the national inquiry is supposed to address.
The list has been compiled by a survivor of satanic ritual abuse and a member of a paedo network who decided to confess. Both are in touch with the Ritual Abuse Information Network & Support (RAINS).
The list comprises big and little names: politicians, journalists, doctors, police, celebrities…
Breathe deeply as you are trying to absorb the account of a survivor of abuse who has ‘dissociative identity disorder’, i.e. a personality split into a number of ‘alters’ as a consequence of the experiences, besides the stories of deniers of rape and abuse.
Among the names described in detail:

  • Lord Montagu, Grand Master hosting ceremonies in his castle Beaulieu
  • Lord Moyne, connections with Guinness family
  • Lord Caernarvon, owner of Highclere Castle nr Newbury
  • Lord Porchester, son of Lord Caernarvon
  • Marquis of Blandford, Blenheim Palace
  • Marquis of Bath
  • Princess Michael of Kent
  • Earl Spencer
The Group
  • John Morriston, London, HIGH COMMANDER
  • Alan Williams, NEW COMMANDER
  • Rod Matthews, COMMANDER
  • David Whiting-John, COMMANDER
  • Bertram Hodinkson, COMMANDER, Mason and member of the Grand Order of Water Rats
  • Chia Mekali, COMMANDER
  • Henry Marshall, Dorchester, MASTER
  • Clive Johnston, KEEPER-MASTER before
  • Mark Davie, KEEPER-MASTER
  • Howard Locke, Bromley, INQUISITOR
  • John Rose, called ‘Your Lordship’
  • William Grosvenor, High in Group
  • Michael Vorster, German, also high in groupp
  • Peter Krausen, ‘bigwig’ in cult
  • Michael Hames, former Det Supt NSY
  • Phil Compton, Driver for group
  • Male Enforcers (ME)
  • Female Enforcers (FE)
  • Roderick Chamberlain, Scribe
  • Watchers.

  • Virginia Bottomley, former Secretary of Health
  • Peter Bottomley, husband
  • Ted Heath, former Prime Minister
  • Lord McAlpine, Treasurer in Heath government
  • Michael Portillo, former journalist, MP and Minister of Defence
  • Ruth Kelly, former Minister of Education and Economics
  • Paul Boateng, Labour MP
  • Tony Heaford, Councillor in Rochdale
  • Cyril Smith, Councillor in Rochdale
  • Peter Mandelson, former MP, British Commissioner of EU for Trade since 2004
  • Margaret Hodge MP, previously Islington Council
  • Alan Johnson MP, took over as Education Secretary from Ruth Kelly
  • Peter Hain, Labour politician, Privy Council
  • Mark Oaten MP, LibDem
  • Mike Hancock MP for Portsmouth
  • Charles Clarke MP, former Labour Education Secretary, later Home Secretary
  • Lord Falconer, Lord Chancellor
  • Ali Dizaei, Iranian, bribed to damage reputation of Met Police
  • Terry Grange, late Chief Constable, Dyfyd-Powys in Wales
  • Paul Kernaghan, Chief Constable of Hampshire
  • John Hoddinott, former police constable, Hants.
  • Sir Stephen Richards, appeal court judge
  • Sir Matthew Farrer, Private solicitor to the Queen
  • Lord Peter Goldsmith, former Attorney General
  • William Chambers, solicitor
Mainstream Media
  • Lord William Rees-Mogg, former editor
  • Geoffrey Levy, Daily Mail columnist
  • Bruce Parker, presenter Southern TV
  • Max Hastings, editor and journalist
  • Sir David Frost, married daughter of Duke of Norfolk
  • Michael Barrimore, former TV presenter
  • Richard Ingrams, former editor of Private Eye
  • Bob Woffinden, Journalist
  • Michael Winner, actor, writer and director
  • Jimmy Tarbuck , comedian
  • Alvin Stardust, 1970s pop singer
  • Dr Robert Wells, Police surgeon
  • Dr Shreeyas Deepak Raj, treats excessively beaten survivors
  • Don Taylor, clinical psychologist
  • Elizabeth Newson, child psychiatrist
  • Prof Gisli Gudjonnson, London University
  • Dr Bill Thompson, Professor of criminology, Reading
  • Dr Tony Baker, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, denier of ritual abuse
  • Ray Aldridge-Morris, Pshychologist
  • Rt Rev Crispian Hollis, RC Bishop of Portsmouth
  • Cardinal Cormack Murphy O’Connor, Head of RC Church in Britain
  • Simon Thomas, vicar in United Reform Church
  • Tony Miller, Reader or Curate in Church of England



Two names that glare at me - kiddie fiddler Terry Grange former Chief Constable of Dyfed Powys Police and good old controversial Peter Hain.
Where was that Satanic Cult located - Kidwelly, a few miles from Terry Grange's infamous residence close by in Meinciau.
Now we are really joining the dots are we not?
Not so long ago we had the Local Councillor up in arms as that Satanic ring was allegedly mentioned in the nightly Boys Buggering Club's soap broadcast on S4C "Pobol y Cwm".
Join the dots gets even more interesting.
Of course where is the Children and Education Services for Carmarthenshire located - in buildings that were once secured Wards of St Davids Mental Hospital in Carmarthen.
As you enter Building 2 for Children Services, before you stands the Old Mental Hospital's own church.
Now what goes on in there?????
With the sickos that show wilful blindness towards abuse of children in Carmarthenshire working in an old "lunatic assylum", I think the average person can draw their own conclusions of the saying "the lunatics are running the assylum".
Why have I gone cold only thinking about it?????????

Anonymous said...

Extract from Wikipedia - Kidwelly
In March 2011, four adults who lived in a cul-de-sac in the Welsh town of Kidwelly were convicted of multiple sex offences against children and young adults. The group led by Colin Batley was described by the media as a "satanic sex cult", a "quasi-religious sex cult" and a "paedophile cult".[58][59] Members of the cult were initiated in a ceremony involving sex with an adult, and they were threatened with being killed if they did not take part in the ceremony. Some of the victims were forced into prostitution.[60] The prosecution said they practised "free sex" and were influenced by Aleister Crowley. They dressed in hoods and read from Crowley's The Book of the Law, and some victims were made to wear inverted crosses.[61]