Saturday, 9 August 2014


Pyramids of power being misused by the blind perversion of a dishonest monetary system.

We have a dishonest Monetary System at the root of all these things.  The pyramid of power being misused requires the banks to fund the Govt who fund the Judiciary and courts and State departments, who in turn fund themselves by predating on the vulnerable, under the guise of 'Public services'.

The County Councils pay the police wages, so they are entwined with one another.  The Banks pay /prop up the Govt. that have been granted 'printing rights' on "money", and the Govt. pays & pensions the Judiciary to preserve THEIR interests and to keep the Govt departments dominant, no matter how corrupted and nepotistic they have become:  hence the 'Ombudsmen' are all in each others back pockets!  - so all of these forces / State departments,  protect the Banks, who gave them their role and "livelihood".

The biggest clients of the Legal Profession are the Banks (who else can afford hundreds of pounds an hour, from misappropriated funds & fiat money?).
So the Legal Profession protect the Banks and their servants the Judiciary at ANY cost (including child-snatching by the State to fund their jobs) at the expense of the Public purse, and vice versa, so that the corrupt 'cycle' ensures its own self-continuance.  It all comes down to debt based currency and the evils stemming therefrom. 
They target celebrities so they can get an injection of fresh money into their corrupt system, whilst appearing as if they are doing 'good', but failing to clean up "their own back yard"...diplomats and politicians generally get 'immunity' from the "Law" in any event, for this reason

The State worker paedophile rings covertly RELY upon the child trafficking and abuse syndrome to 'justify' their disingenuous roles of "child welfare officers" - without it they would have no role and therefore no jobs / no money.  So they buy off the police to 'look after their own' by ignoring the Law and focusing on their short-term goals and early retirement, instead - spiritual wickedness "in high places", with no one to hold them to account because they call themselves "The Authorities"!  If we are all foolish enough to believe them when the claim to be "in Authority" then we must demand compliance with the Law and stand up to their tyranny when they violate our Common Law rights - as they are programmed to do all the time.

In an identical vein, the major Banks rely on the Legal Profession and Judiciary to rubber-stamp fake 'court orders' in their favour to steal & transfer assets and property under the arena of FAKE DEBTS which do not even have to be proven these days.  The Courts don't even check for prima facie evidence and are running administrative courts and NOT Courts of Law!
If the Family Court were a Court of Law, it would hold proper file records and conduct fair trials free of bias and "discretion" and hidden agendas / intimidation / oppression / gagging tactics etc etc   These are all the hallmarks of the fact that they are running A CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE - just like the Banks!

The fact that a Bank can buy off a judge in a heartbeat, using the proceeds of crime, and so get a 'ruling' in their favour in exchange for free loans / early retirement / special deals, explains why the corruption abounds:  who monitors judges?  NO ONE.  Who monitors police?  the IPCC are limp-wristed and notoriously incompetent and inefficient,, as effective as a chocolate fireguard.
Who monitors the Legal Profession?  The Law Society monitors itself and keeps Public scrutiny out of their 'private club' through the Memorandum of Understanding between the Police and HM Courts, so the police "can't interfere"... hence they will say that CRIMES are "CIVIL"....they are told where their bread is buttered and so they comply in this 'food chain'!
It all comes down to £££££
A lawyer is someone whose conscience is for hire!
The Privy Council also writes out "judgments" for the administrative courts most of the time on important or high-profile cases, so that the outcome and Agenda they seek, is ensured:  all geared to maintaining their status quo.
But you know what?  WE ARE ALLOWING IT!

If these State workers cared more about happiness and love than they do about money and survival, then the gearing would be entirely different. But they rely on fear to paralyse their victims, because they are so fearful themselves - enslaved to the debt based currency system and divesting all power in favour of the major Banks.
The police will literally go with "the highest bidder" !
The Councils are running the money-procurement / racketeering to fund their "work" so they are calling the shots - at the moment, at least. If you divest them of STATUTES by removing all consent, they retreat.  If you ask them "do you believe you have power over me ?" they cannot say 'yes' because it implies you are their slave.
When is a crime not a crime?  When a banker commits it!
The corrupt Banks who have the Govts. in their 'back pockets'  are behind the abuse of children, because  the children are used as another means of 'paying' off these perverts in return for keeping alive their predatory System.  They fight for "gay rights" so they can justify persecuting mothers and motherhood and devour their children, instead.  There are male domination tendencies in every sector where perverts prevail:  Banking & Finance, politics, religion, Judiciary, Legal Profession, Science, Education, Theology, Entertainment, Art etc etc...

Usher in the EU - who are behind all of the child trafficking because they are funded by the Rothschild dynasty, and they've done more damage to infringe and usurp civil liberties and rights through mindless STATUTES, than any other Organisation known to Man.

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