Sunday 13 April 2014

Breaking News - Paula's Eviction - Milk Up Bank Farm - Wind Turbine Scandal Emerges

Following previous reports from Milk Up Bank Farm - RainbowArk Animal Sanctuary, researchers have uncovered the shocking news that Oakenshaw Community Association have already signed a contract for a “Community Benefit Wind Turbine” and have received the first payment,The Community Association have called a public meeting to decide how they are to spend this money, on Monday 14 April 2014 at Willington Cricket Club, there will be drinks and a free buffet.

The “Community Benefit Wind Turbine” does not yet have planning permission.

The site for the Wind Turbine is next to Milk Up Bank Farm and will cause a nature conservancy area to be destroyed, the plot thickens as truth emerges.

Could it be that Paula Campbell was not in favour of her land being used in this way?

Certainly in the following video Paula talks about someone wanting to buy her land for this project. It would seem there are many more questions to be asked here.

Who is this man? Who is on the committee of the Oakenshaw Community Association?

Durham County Council seem to be planning a lot of Wind Turbines of 30 meters tall, perhaps the voices of members of parliament arguing for councils who “wrongly” oppose wind turbines to be sued should raise alarm bells with every critical thinker, what is happening here?

Could it be that Paula and her Rainbow Ark were removed from their home because of Wind Turbines, Wind Turbine profits and a local community association signing a "contract" that was totally without any remit they could possibly legitimately claim ?

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