Friday 25 April 2014

Free Robert Green PETITION – please sign and circulate!

PETITION – please sign and circulate!

Our letter-writing to the people listed 3 posts back is really having an effect Robert says – thank you all very much! Keep up the pressure! He’s also heard via the grapevine (but isn’t in a position to corroborate) that there are moves to get Salmond to resign ahead of time on account of his entanglement in the Hollie Greig affair which could blow up in everyone’s face this summer, just at the wrong moment for the Independence campaign.

Certain other high-ups in the SNP feel aggrieved to have found out the wrong way that Salmond has been deceiving them ever since May 2011 over his failure to answer the Information Commissioner regarding the Hollie Greig abuse cover-up, as required by law not to mention deference to the Crown, Scotland being still part of the UK at that point in time and the Information Commissioner being a Crown appointee…

There is no doubt also that our letter-writing to our MPs and MSPs on the issue of Robert’ unjust incarceration and ill-health in prison is likewise proving very effective, so please if you haven’t done so, GET YOUR MP and/or MSP TO WRITE TO THE SNP LEADERS about this issue which most MPs and at least some MSPs will be more than happy to do!

Robert would be delighted to receive a copy of your MP/MSP’s response – mine informed me today she has written to Alex Salmond in no uncertain terms so I’ll be posting Robert a copy of her email.

Today he was chuffed to receive a copy of an email from the MP for Bradford East, David Ward to a constituent/Hollie-Robert supporter, informing him that he the MP has written to Kenny MacAskill, Scottish Justice Secretary and appending the comment ”I can’t understand why they are continuing to hold Robert Green…I’m hoping to make them see sense.”

“SEE SENSE” – 2 words packed with power! To help everyone “see sense” in this matter, regardless of position in society, political beliefs, nationality/ethnicity, religious persuasion etc., today I launched a Petition on entitled RELEASE ROBERT GREEN ON COMPASSIONATE GROUNDS addressed to Andrew Shanks, Procurator Fiscal for Aberdeen, Mike Inglis, Governor of HMP Perth; Alex Salmond First Minister and Kenny MacAskill Justice Secretary for Scotland.

Here is the link – we are asking in the first instance for a mere 5,000 signatures but for which read 50,000 or 500,000 – you know how precious Robert is to us and what he stands for so “‘now’s the day and now’s the hour” quoting his historic namesake in Scotland.

Now there’s a thought – how would The Bard of Scotland have viewed child-abuse/the rape of  children, especially disabled children???


EnuffidEnuff said...

Thanks for the link duly signed.

Anonymous said...

When I click on the picture of Robert, it doesn't go through to the petition. There is a button at the top right of the page, but it is small and isn't obvious. This must be losing many signatures.

Kevin Edwards said...

The link to the petition is at the bottom of the article. Click read more and you will see it

Betty said...