Thursday 17 April 2014

NLP: The Mechanics of Deception

BBC image 140 x 93The most effective, scientific method for communication and persuasion.
NLP is an acronym for Neuro Linguistic Programming with emphasis on ‘Programming’, Its purpose by the use of visuals and the spoken word to subliminally influence the unconscious state of a person’s perception thus in turn affecting their conscious reality. Other crude forms of programming are Propaganda and Brain-washing; although these are in-your-face attempts at influencing a person’s opinion, NLP is a much more complex use of mental suggestion.
Propaganda and brainwashing are achieved by the use of repeated reinforcement of a concept usually political in nature, NLP is far less crude. There is enough information on Wikipedia explaining the origins of NLP and I do not want to cut and paste what can be found there. I want to explain how it is practised on the unsuspecting populace in everyday use.
For the average person the world is a much more complex place than it was for our ancestors. Our ancestors were fiercely nationalistic and patriotic, their allegiance was to England, its way of life, customs, history, flag, the King and the Empire; well when we used to have an empire that is.

As was always the case there is only two political parties Labour and Conservative, them and us, the workers and the bosses but regardless a Briton’s first allegiance and loyalty was always to one’s country, to one’s kith and kin. Some Britons believed they had won the lottery of life. All those loyal attributes I write of are now considered radical, extremist, racial, far right even Narnsey-like.

What is almost frenzied in its implementation is the transformation of the national character of many European cities and towns and the destruction of ethnic cohesion of all the European peoples.

Of global corporate proportions it has been unofficially referred to as the Multicultural Industry employing thousands of people as refugee Lawyers, Asylum advocates, Human rights Lawyers, translators and all their attendant staff and advisors with the full cooperation and backing of the print and TV media industry all with one purpose, all for one purpose, the fragmentation, dilution, scattering and eventual destruction of the homogeneity of the European people, cleansed and ready for the birth of a New Order for Europe, its corporate headquarters reside in Brussels.

It was a Mr. Gordon Brown that spoke of this New Order 58 times during a speech at Harvard University.

I suggest you also search NLP for further information on YouTube to give you an insight into the extent and ways we are being mentally manipulated. Propaganda was a tool used during the war in Radio Broadcasting, whereas NLP was the ideal tool formulated for mind control using subliminal television messages. Let us discuss the practicalities of the use of NLP.

The title on YouTube was ‘Do not watch Television’ the man said "A good friend of mine who has been in touch with me for a very long time said his brother worked for the CIA and never gave anything away or talked about what he did in his work but he say one thing, never watch television". He emphasised never watch the television it is the greatest scientific indoctrination tool ever devised.

The unseemly headlong rush for a Multicultural Europe have spurred the BBC to ramp up its use of NLP in much of their programming, particularly ‘Soapies’ watched in the main by the less educated people who are more likely to be prone to unknowingly accept NLP embedded in the childish, unbelievable plots with heavy emphasis as miscegenation as being the norm.

The BBC TV series is called Downton Abbey; it has a huge following both in the UK and overseas. It was always going to be difficult to employ NLP to persuade the viewers to sub consciously embrace diversity and inclusivity in this expensively produced period drama as the inclusion of African or West Indian extras would have signalled the shattering of an illusion of more gracious and civilised times enjoyed by the nobility prior to Third World colonisation.

In fact a precedent had already been set in a previous similar period drama called “Upstairs, Downstairs”. Series one was set in 1936 in the family home, Eaton Place when a visiting Afro-American jazz band was introduced into the plot.

The script for Downton Abbey was faced with a similar dilemma and again it was solved by writing in a part for a visiting Afro/American jazz singer. In Downton Abbey a Negro wearing tails and a sharp suit which I would say in 1920’s in Britain would have been an extreme rarity, even for an average British worker, suddenly appeared out of the blue and more or less immediately played for Lady Edith Crawleys sexual favours.

The last scene showed Lady Edith Crawley locked in an embrace with the African on a punt on the river. Her reckless behaviour could in reality in due course have resulted in the conception of a mixed race child for young Lady Edith as she had already visited the African in his ’flat in London’ but even the BBC knows there are limits of credibility they dare not overstep, nevertheless what the BBC is implying is it was not unusual for those gracious times for an American Negro to attempt to sexually seduce a lady of noble birth, or was it vice versa? This is desperation stuff.

It explains the extremes the BBC are driven to just to be seen to maintain the Black to White ratio regardless of the plot or legitimacy of the era. It matters not one iota if an illusion is shattered to achieve this.

It goes without saying the BBC are not alone in this subterfuge.

It might be common behaviour among the young uneducated daughters of the lower strata of our society surviving on financial benefits in graffiti adorned, garbage covered sink estates or violent crime-ridden black townships.

The day I see a cloying heart-warming BBC drama featuring the lovely, radiant Roedean educated “daffy” Davina, youngest daughter of Lord and Lady Goldsworthy of Brampton Hall in Bucks, seen resting quietly after a difficult childbirth in a private London clinic proudly presenting her half breed new-born to the world alongside her partner Wesley, a powerfully built, wealthy, bling adorned Jamaican Rastafarian I will really begin to worry, but of course that is in the realms of science fiction it will never happen.

The nobility, the ones who were born to rule the great unwashed will never allow their blood line that has taken thousands of years to perfect and decades of intermarrying with European nobles and princesses to be corrupted by anyone that has not also been blessed with similar noble breeding and most certainly not with Blackamoors or commoners, ask Diana or Wallis Simpson, they found out the hard way.

They will continue to rule and perpetuate their purity of race long after the English peasant classes have by miscegenation bred themselves out of existence with the encouragement of the blatant, Neuro Linguistic Programming practised in much of the broadcasting of the anti-British, Brussels Broadcasting Corporation.

A piece of trivia, In 2009 a British television presenter was able to register his pet cat as a member of the British Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming (BBNLP), which subsequently claimed that it existed only to provide benefits to its members and not to certify credentials.

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Perhaps the most common motivation for introducing a species into a new place is that of economic or political gain. Its purpose is not necessarily to eradicate the existing species but to seamlessly merge them with an introduced species deliberately ignoring the disproportionate breeding rates. It also applies to humans.

”CIA Agent "NEVER watch television"!!

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