Sunday 20 April 2014

Plymouth Council have admitted in writing that there are NO COUNCIL LIABILITY ORDERS In Existence!

For years we have now been campaigning in a number of cases to get these corrupt councils to produce a “True and Original Copy” of one of these alleged “Liability Orders”.

Here’s the scam that the councils are trying to pull off!

They Issue a summons to you for not paying council tax.
When you go to court they try and trick you by meeting with you first in a little room to try and get you to admit “liability” for the council tax by getting you to agree to pay so much per month. This admission of liability on your part means that they can secure a “liability order” without you even entering the court!
If you don’t agree to pay then they issue a liability order anyway.
Now, our research shows that a “Proper Court Order” MUST have certain things on it and these are:
A Wet ink Signature of the Judge or Justices Clerk who signed it on the day (Not a facsimilie signature)
The Royal Identifier (i.e. Royal Coat Of Arms)
Once the court date has passed they send a “Notice Of A Liability Order”

And this is where the scam exposes itself …

If the councils had a True and Original Liability Order (as per above) then why wouldn’t they send you a copy of that instead of sending you a piece of paper typed up on Microsoft Word claiming that they have a liability order.
A number of us have not been paying council for the last two years successfully because when challenged over this LAWFULLY because we back them into a corner! Here’s how …

  • We conditionally Accept their offer to pay council tax upon proof of claim (In other words they have to prove a number of points) – if they don’t we withold payment.
    When they send a summons (Invitation to attend their place of business) we ignore it.
    When they send a “NOTICE OF LIABILITY ORDER” we write back and send them a “NOTICE OF REBUTTAL” and “NOTICE OF REQUEST FOR TRUE AND ORIGINAL COPY OF COURT LIABILITY ORDER” which of course must meet the requirements stated earlier.
    They then send in the bailiffs who we serve with bailiff packs (Download from and issue them with Bills for attending (we also video them and put them on youtube!)
    Eventually the bailiffs get bored with that game and hand the thin back to the Council.
    The council eventually send a letter telling you they will send you to court “for committal to prison” proceedings.
    We then send them a letter which basically says this …

“If you are going to bring the matter into a criminal court and are going to rely on the alleged liability order in your case then the law and due process dictates that you must send me a copy of the TRUE and ORIGINAL LIABILITY ORDER, with all the correct attributes thereupon.

The law concerning disclosure dictates that you, the council, are required to do this at least 14 days before the hearing.

Therefore, if you are going to rely on this document we will bring it up in court that you have vexatiously withehld it at all times and therefore this matter and the valuable time of the court would not have been wasted and also because you, the council are required to disclose it 14 days before the hearing you will have no problem sending it to me now … will you?”

Normally at this point … the council go away because you have backed them into a corner lawfully. They know they can’t go into a court and rely on a piece of paper which …


They also know that you are going to counter claim against them for being vexatious.

Here is the document from Plymouth Council telling us all that these Liability order are non existent!

So there you have it!
 Proof undeniable, from the council themselves that they don’t ACTUALLY have a Liability Order that conforms to any sort of Lawful requirement! And yet, on the back of this scam they creaming Billions from us all!

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Dynamite stuff lets all start a class action against them