Tuesday, 6 May 2014

BOMBSHELL: 1 in 13 U.S children take psychiatric drugs

BOMBSHELL: 1 in 13 U.S children take psychiatric drugs

The bombshell of prescribed drugs for children in America is the same in the UK and Canada and sadly for the children screaming to be heard they are being forced into growing up as drug addicts the research by the charities help-line with families constantly reporting antidepressant drugs being prescribed to their children with the media reporting for many years that many homeless people are drug addicts, but having worked with homeless drug addicts in the 80s most of them were from the care system and at a ground level here lies the truth. What is very worrying are the children in care with many wrongly diagnosed with A.D.H.D then prescribed Ritalin, with many kids wrongly diagnosed with learning difficulties or behaviour problems then all prescribed mind controlling drugs then on a magical day the kids from care reach an age and thrown onto the streets to continue as drug addicts..


The court experts the psychologists psychiatrists and GPs and with Governments blessings they are turning the Nations children into adult drug addicts, these experts not only receive many thousands of pounds a year wages with untold fees paid from Governments to be court experts but many are also paid by the Pharmaceutical companies to prescribe drugs which may not have been passed by the medical controls board the real drug dealers of the world are given a licence by the Governments to turn the kids into drug addicts in readiness for the illegal drug dealers who at the end of the day if caught may go to prison but no charges are ever brought against the Governments biggest armies of drug dealers.

 Children are groomed and used in every way for trafficking sex abuse cheap labour body parts for science is it any wonder that children are screaming to be heard they are the silent witnesses prescribed drugs to shut them up.

Many adults are also prescribed antidepressants for what ever reason even for popping wind they can be prescribed an antidepressant and should a person not ever have taken a drug in their life time it can still be written by the governments own paid drug dealers that person is a drug addict.


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