Sunday, 18 May 2014

Children, Amongst Other Things - It's The Money They Want


UK May 22nd Local Elections Where Will Your Vote Go ?

Published On May 18, 2014 | By Children Screaming To Be Heard | Abuse, Adoption, Child Protection, Family, Fostering, Human Rights, Law, News

 Please click the link to know who is who in the House of Lords Parliaments and all other Government departments who are in receipt of finances and shares in the children and elderly peoples industry. On the 22nd May 2014 will be the elections FOR WHAT to vote for people    who just want your votes so they can continue to ignore the Nation, how many people have written to their MPs who have done nothing what so ever, all that they do and continually do is to allow the children to be stolen on allegations then sold by the agencies so that the money continually rolls into their pockets. We have 1.000s of elderly who own their own homes being shoved into care homes by social workers and the houses stolen to pay for the care homes.
Boy is there money in the young and the elderly recently two elderly ladies applied to the court asking that the social workers leave them in peace in their own homes and yes the judge put a gagging order on a  98 and a 92 year old ladies I wonder does the judge have shares in the companies. If I had the powers or even a wish it would be to abolish all of the old boys network I cannot do either so ask you the Nation to think very hard before voting in all of the shareholders of the children and elderly peoples companies.


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