Thursday, 8 May 2014




How dare the British governments pass laws that child abuse will now be a criminal offence and the abusers if found guilty will face up to 10 years in prison so who will bring the medical world to account who by their prescribing drugs to control the minds of the Nations children and by the forced vaccinations causing autism deaths and many other Illnesses  what of the 1.000s of Thalidomide babies born with horrendous deformities were the world drug dealers who prescribed the drug ever brought to account NO.
This link to Christina England’s website will inform all of so much more information of drugs prescribed by the medical drug dealers of the world that are harming the worlds children whilst at the same time on medical allegations against thousands of families by the Psychiatrists and Psychologists more children can be taken into care in what Governments say “In a child’s best interest” only for thousands of children to be abused in every way.
For those parents who take alcohol or drugs I have no sympathy and put you in the same category as the worlds medical drug dealers and by your actions the families who do love and adore their children are also labelled as drug and alcoholics and lose their beloved children on allegations by the medical world, and what of the Paedophiles who think it correct to have sex with little babies and if caught their sentence can be months or just a few years in prison is this justice or is it to protect the elite and to hell with the plebes I personally believe that children of the world have very little chance to live a healthy happy life as the world drug dealers continuing to prescribe lethal drugs and to continually walk free.
Maggie Tuttle    

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