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I received a call yesterday afternoon from Tony Farrell (former South Yorkshire Police Intelligence Analyst turned Whistleblower) who was arrested Friday morning and was held in custody overnight at Snigg Hill Police Station in Sheffield.

Tony informed me that he is out now on bail and is ok. He was arrested after a van load of Bailiffs and Police officers from South Yorkshire's Police force, turned up at his door in Sheffield approx sometime after 8:am unannounced  to evict him from the property he had been appointed to protect by the owners.

 He called me as they were approaching the front door, as he was inside the property alone at the time, and could see them coming from the windows. This is why I immediately put his situation out, sadly these days there is no telling what can happen in such situations that's why getting the word out fast is always wise..

The bailiffs gave no prior warning or notification about this obviously pre planned attendance,  which in fact is required by Law. This was clearly an act of intimidation designed to catch Tony whilst unaware,

The Bailiffs had previously scheduled  to carry out the threatened eviction on behalf of HSBC terrorist banksters on Tuesday the 15th April 2014. This given date spookily coincided with the date of the 25th Anniversary of the Hilsborough tragedy, for which most of you already know Tony Farrell has been a very outspoken Whistleblower exposing the truth for many years now.

Tony said he was aware of the Hilsborough cover up whilst previously employed as a Senior Principal Police Intelligence Analyst with South Yorkshire Police and was sickened by it. So this particular day had special meaning and significance for  him, as he says he still vividly remembers the tragedy very well to this day.

Most of you already know Tony's background, but for those who are reading this who don't here's a brief summary..

Despite a exemplary record of service and 17 years working as an Police Intelligence Analyst,  Tony Farrell was unceremoniously dismissed for refusing to lie and doctor his Police Reports to make it  'falsely appear' that there was a external islamic terror threat in the UK when evidence he uncovered proved without question that nothing could be further from the truth.

After doing in depth research, investigations and  some very detailed specific intelligence gathering and analysis, he soon realised things were much more sinister than he could have ever imagined.. The more evidence he dug up, the clearer things became until the truth of a deliberately staged false flag attack and inside job in London on the 7th July 2005 became very evident.

It was this quest to determine the truth and connect all the dots of what really happened behind the 7/7 attacks in London July 2005 that later led him to discover and document the sinister crimes revolved around my case 'Seven Vs Gossage and Nine Others' in  2012.

Once he saw the magnitude  of  the facts of ritualistic crimes laid before him, he began working non stop often without much sleep to compile the evidence in order to produce the detailed comprehensive Report with additional Appendices and court room audios about my case which was all eventually released in 2013..

As a side note.. the Report was delivered to South Yorkshire Police on 5th of July 2013 with six witnesses also present.. Only to discover by recently speaking to the Chief Constable David Crompton that the hand delivered Report never even reached him..

Chief Constable Crompton was notified about the Report  in person on the  15th of April 2014, on the morning of the eviction, but since then to date we have heard nothing from him, and to be honest I will be very surprised if we do hear from him again. I have absolutely no trust or faith in any of those working within the police.. In the last 11 years  besides Tony and others who have left the job on account of corruption, the most I  have ever personally got from reporting crimes is either out and out lies , lip service and the attempts to mask deep conceited  covert racism.

Back to Tony, after his following up on concrete leads and viewing tons of documented evidence since 2010 it also led him to the shocking appalling case of the false imprisonment of JAH John-Anthony Hill aka Muad- Dib the filmmaker behind excellent now iconic documentary films 'such as 7/7 Ripple Effect' 1-2 and 'also further films like The Nazi Banksters ', and  movies providing the Truth about the Windsors.

As many of you also know, John Anthony Hill was falsely imprisoned for merely sending a DVD to a court case to be used as evidence. His film 7/7 Ripple Effect 1 and 2 provides concrete evidence in the form of a very thorough detailed break down of the reported events surrounding 7/7 with a expert analysis narrated by JAH which also exposed that the official narrative about 7/7 was a blatant pack of nonsense lies.  You can find full details about Tony Farrell's Reports and John Anthony Hills films at:

Once the penny dropped,  like for most of us normal folk,  Tony also saw the truth wham bang in his face. The evidence clearly revealed in plain sight the sinister plot to form a Nazi like satanic One World Nightmare, a  demonic New World, Old World devil meets Frankenstein version of reality, systematically pumped out, hyped and branded being incorporated globally by stealth in increments in hopes that nobody will notice.

By then,  he also saw clearly that atrocities such as the 7/7 bombings had been deliberately orchestrated as part of the cunning evil plan by followers of Satan to facilitate their nefarious global hell and enslavement end game.

Like you all know and have experienced with your own personal wake up calls in one way or another, when you fully digest this rotten truth, there is  no way to  just suck it up and continue on as you did as before.  Once the cold facts are staring you in the face  you know deep in your soul you are being called to stand up and be counted to do something about it.,

For most of us who are paying attention fully hip to the revamping of a globalised version of Nazi Germany,  going back to sleep and pleading ignorance is not a option..

So after his unfair dismissal, Tony knew he was being divinely called  to fight back. He took legal action and came out onto the world stage as a Whistleblower in 2010 and has been a committed advocate dedicated to bringing the truth to the world ever since.

He makes no apologies for being a devout follower of God because he knows in his heart he his doing Gods work come what may,  He like many of us, he also refuses to just sit back and allow demented people with warped values and demonic agendas and too much stolen money to take over and destroy the lives of everyone in humanity.

On a personal note heres what i have observed about Tony.,,Many people don't know that for standing up and speaking out publicly Tony has not only become the target of continuous vile treacherous lies and smear attacks by degenerate Trolls on the pay roll like the exceptionally nasty Mark Windows, but besides that, Tony has literally lost everything he once owned..  Despite  this,  he is usually always smiling and in good spirits and never actually ever complains about it.,

Truth be told he has lost everything..  and i mean everything but as a result he has gained so much on the inside .. And not lost his soul. Because he has chose to live in truth and will have it no other way.

 After he has lost his job of 17 years,, lost his home, lost his portfolio of properties, lost his family, lost friends and lost basically everything that was once his life.

Despite this he has committed to fight to bring the evil in our midst to an end.

This is in my humble opinion is a extremely honourable quality worthy of respect, and a lesson that all those consumed by greed,, power, with a insane desire to manipulate and control other people's lives, could learn very much from.

Although he didn't know me from adam, after seeing my evidence he literally risked his life  to support and protect me,  even in some very potentially dangerous hellish situations .  Many others  who equally knew exactly what was being done to me and did nothing and were happy to leave me to rot..,

Despite much opposition from troll double agents and racists alike, who used every trick in the book to dissuade Tony from fighting my corner, he still spent a year meticulously examining and documenting several boxes of evidence from my massive court case, as well as doing his own independent research on the side. He  spoke  to witnesses and countless high level professionals in order to fully determine all the facts before bringing the truth about my case's massive cover up and the factual linkages to 7/7 to the world. It wasn't an easy task an it has done him no favours.

For these reasons I have the upmost respect and support for Tony Farrell.  I have met a lot of  truly amazing generous people during my hellish 11 year ordeal, and he has stood out for having  very selfless admirable qualities and is amongst what I can only describe as earth angels.

I sincerely believe that everyone should support Tony Farrell  because he is one of the few genuine people out there with inside knowledge who cannot be bought by the state.

I truly believe we need to support and promote all 'genuine' Whistleblowers as they are  courageous people who give soo much and ask for so very little in return.  In todays corrupt climate  the so called truther community is now swarming with hired Trolls, Shills and COINTELPRO  agent provocateurs and other deceivers.

You will notice that the genuine whistleblowers are always the ones being brutally verbally attacked. They try to shut down the evidence by paying a host of good for nothing degenerate pea brain parasites to squash every word. but this tactic can never work long term. Because Truth can never be lies and lies can never be truth. They have tried to completely destroy both Tony and myself.. and his recent arrest shows they are still trying..

Most genuine Whistleblowers are treated like criminals, more often than not they are persecuted, ridiculed demonised, relentlessly attacked and smeared in attempts to totally destroy our credibility and honest reputations .. Despite all this they still risk their own life and safety to get the truth out into the world.  and often don't even get a word of Thanks or appreciation from anyone.

I always believe in giving credit when and where credit is due.. and I  think Tony Farrell has merited it and deserves a damn medal. He is most certainly one of the most honest honourable people you could ever hope to meet, and  to see him be so unfairly arrested for speaking out and doing what every decent person should be doing anyway is truly an absolute disgrace.

In his latest Report 2014, Tony has once again produced another detailed assessment of the true sate of affairs.. He has this time exposed the crimes of criminal cartel banksters  such as HSBC who are wreaking havoc all over the world funding terrorism. To  obtain copies of this latest Report check the Farrell Report website or send Tony a direct message at

Knowing how these perverse people operate, I have to now ask  was it really a coincidence that the HSBC Banksters initially scheduled to carry out their proposed eviction of the property they knew Tony was appointed to protect on the same date as the 25th anniversary of Hilsborough 15th April 2014?

Or was this date a sign of divine intervention... a act of God perhaps? I say that because it has since come to my attention that people now claim that the coming wrath of God was signalled as soon to be pronounced upon the wicked  by the sudden appearance of a blood red moon that was displayed in our sky's  on the very same night on 15th April 2014? Look it up.. very interesting .,

We cannot say for certain what the appearance of that blood red moon meant on that date.. But what we can say  is, that those enjoying the stolen wealth of others and unearned privileges at the expense of causing mass pain, misery and acute suffering, days of getting away with it are numbered. They will get their well earned Just deserts sooner than they think.

On the date of the first previously threatened eviction  Patrick Cullinane and myself  met with Tony and other supporters outside the property in question on the 15th April 2014,.  We were all quite taken aback to see that the bailiffs refused to get out of their vehicle or to even speak to us.  Two of the men they sent even covered their heads with hoodies to prevent themselves being seen. Such was the extent of their shame.

Initially, when I approached their loitering van which showed up outside the property that morning, and asked the two young men seated inside if they had come to evict the property, they both lied and told me they knew nothing about it and were working locally in the area and had just parked up to eat their lunch.. Given it was just gone 10am I was immediately suspicious of them..

They didn't even have the conviction to state the truth of what  they were doing there, which in reality was to steal property and possessions on behalf of greedy evil banksters,

Being a very psychic spiritually focused person and a Targeted / Organised Crime Survivor for the last 11 years now, I have  extra sensory perception and a strong full proof BS detector.. So  I knew straight away that Satans army had arrived and were obviously on standby awaiting back up and orders.

Still they continued lying to us and maintained their bogus excuse  for being outside the property for well over an hour, until their back up arrived.

At that point, one man  got out of their rusty ramshackle looking van and directly into the car to talk with two other bailiffs that had subsequently on the scene to join them.

I spoke very politely to these Bailiffs  but they mostly remained inside their vehicles throughout the  duration of the fiasco, fortunately it was all captured by several cameras.

We repeatedly requested to view these bailiffs  documentation and warrants, which they refused to show, either because they had none, or knew that what they were engaged in was all highly illegal.

I don't like being rude and personally find shouting at these numb people to be a waste of time and usually defeats the objective, as most of the devils foot soldiers are oblivious to the wider scope of the crimes they are defending and don't realise they too will also eventually be next in line to experience the abuse

As many of you have probably encountered or witnessed yourselves as long as they are paid, these types of people sadly usually don't stop to even question the legitimacy what they've been hired to do, let alone the morality of what they do to people.  They  just follow orders like robots.

Lets face it, most, if not all bailiffs are employed for their brawn not their brains..  I don't mean that disrespectfully, it's just a fact.. Still in many cases with honest heart to heart dialog, I believe we can actually wake up some of these people to recognise that they too are being used and abused as pawns in a very nasty game.. For others, sadly its already too late, because they are all too happy to go to hell along with their Satanic paymasters.

Seeing that we were all armed with camera's on that first occasion, they eventually left like lambs when faced with truth. Which was a Result !!

Clearly to avoid the same reception happening again, on Friday 9th May 2014 they deliberately reappeared out of the blue, I'm not sure whether they even sort to obtain a valid warrant this time,   armed with all that Police back up maybe they did?? that I can't say for sure ??

After gaining access to seize the property, they still had Tony arrested on the nonsense charge of ' Obstructing the Bailiffs'

They are seriously trying to convince people  that one man on his Jack Jones obstructed a van load of Bailiffs and Police Officers?? Come off it..i know Tony is no wilting violet and can hold his own, but him fighting them all off like Rambo on his own is highly unlikely..

After spending the night in the cells at Sheffield's  Snigg Hill Police Station,  where i'm told Tony was once employed in his hey day, he was released on bail Saturday afternoon 10th May 2014 after a brief hearing at  Sheffield  Magistrates Court.

It appears there was a mix up immediately after his arrest, because whilst still in the Police van he was first taken to Sheffield 'Crown Court',on Friday and a Judge there (who obviously wanted nothing to do with the hot mess) referred the case back to Sheffield Magistrates Court to be heard on Saturday .

Tony said David Pidcock also attended Court to support him, so top marks and much respect to David:-)) Many of us in London and other Cities would have also liked to have been there to give our support, but given the short notice and travel distance were unable to.

On the up side, after all your calls, and the public outcry to find out Tony's arrest details and whereabouts,  I believe it is now very well noted by South Yorkshire Police that Tony Farrell comes with a army of public support and worldwide backing..

South Yorkshire Police by now must realise that Tony's courageous stance and comprehensive Reports provide solid evidence of the methods of concealment, these Reports have gone a very long way to document the truth and also bring relief  in a climate of the most cruel treacherous wicked deceit.

Although it is extremely important to remain peaceful and allow the credibility of the truth and facts to speak for itself without unnecessary added drama, it's important to make clear as members of the public we are fed up with the abuse and constant  lies. It will not be tolerated or permitted to continue any longer

Tony has remained peaceful in his stance towards South Yorkshire Police  in order to hopefully get them to see sense, he is also mindful not to make direct enemies with anyone working there..

Given the volume of calls made about Tony's  welfare on Friday,  the police must now also realise that continuously pleading ignorance to evade taking action is unacceptable..

Truth is permanent,  with a long lasting momentum and far reaching effects. It  cannot be squashed or disguised by stock answers and childish concocted hogwash.. the public cannot be fooled any longer. The genie is out of the bottle and cannot be put back.

Crimes such as Hilsborough , 7/7, my case Seven Vs Gossage and Nine Others and countless others cannot be concealed any longer we want something done about it...

Thanks to all our efforts, the truth  is having a huge impact globally, and is something that is NOT going away any time soon. It's snowballing and therefore the time for all these so called peace keeping forces to acknowledge that 'We the people' already know the truth we now demand immediate Accountability, Justice and Remedy!

It is NOT acceptable that these so called Police departments readily arrest and hold  honest Whistleblowers like Tony Farrell in custody, but will do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about arresting psychopaths  running terrorist  netwirks that repeatedly break the Law over and over by systematically abusing, terrorising, robbing and murdering innocent people.

It is clear there is a massive problem that needs to be immediately addressed when South Yorkshire Police are happy to lock up a honest Whistleblower like Tony Farrell, that they will tell you themselves is an 'honest man of good character' , for petty rubbish nonsense at the taxpayers expense. By doing so, they are protecting the interests of very  dishonourable people, responsible for committing very serious crimes against we the people.

This is ludicrously disproportionate and should have every person responsible thrown out of their Jobs ., If these people are unable to determine the obvious stark difference in Rule of Law between  psychopathic terrorist crimes by known individuals operating criminal organisations in the UK , and the comparative actions of a lone honest Whistleblower risking everything to expose the truth in order to protect the public at large, they are clearly unfit for's no wonder the entire country is now up in arms fed up because the UK is riddled with corruption. With all these Pokice Officers turning a blind eye and routinely pleading ignorance, what else can we possibly expect.

More than just a gross error and failure in common sense and judgement, this signals deliberate complicity..  either due to fear or cowardice or back door perverted secret undisclosed interests. Either way, these are people who should obviously not be working for the police at all.

I think its fair to say that If these police Officers are refusing to protect we the  public's safety and are also refusing to shut organised criminals down in the UK, they need to openly state this and honestly tell us what they are actually prepared to do. They also need to specify exactly what they are still receiving taxpayers money in wages for.. Because it may well be that we have to now apply to claw back some of these funds to create our own peace keeping forces in the UK.

On releasing Tony on bail yesterday, even the Judge remarked that he knew Tony was a man of 'GOOD CHARACTER  and REPUTATION', so its clear they ALL know that Tony is a honest man who is simply exposing the truth, yet somehow  South Yorkshire Police still intervened in a ' Civil dispute' (outside what Rule of Law defines as their 'Criminal remit' and jurisdiction) on behalf of terrorist funding banksters ?

I would like to know when they are planning to address the serious crimes committed by these banksters and the crimes perpetrated by the named known criminals highlighted in Tony Farrells Reports??

Why haven't  these same Police officers arrested the reported criminals already??  Surely they should have done so by now, considering that the evidence is overwhelming and of a direct very serious Criminal nature (this is the Polices remit as defined by Rule of Law), which by far out ways the petty nonsense  they are now accusing Tony Farrell of.

If these Police Officers were really on the side of Truth, Peace and Justice (and not complicit) they would immediately start working with Whistleblowers like Tony Farrell instead of acting against them ...

Locking Whistleblowers up  only serves to assist in creating a Hellish Godless evil world that none these serving Police officers will want to live in either You cannot acquiesce with evil, they should be doing everything in their power to destroy it or it will end up destroying everyone.. Apathy fear,  and cowardice is not a valid excuse anymore..

Fortunately, the Judge knew  he could not justify detaining Tony for being an  honest man exposing the truth any longer, so released him on unconditional bail until his trial..

All the calls made to the Police and the Courts have obviously made them very aware that Tony is not alone, so they will have to tread very carefully how they proceed with this now..

I was told on Friday that the Police had deliberately stopped answering the publics calls all together. Which shows that they know that the public are very unhappy and were trying to avoid dealing with the situation..

But in any case,  well done to everyone !!!! Let's keep this positive momentum up. As peacefully as possible..

Top Marks again to Tony for continuously sticking his neck out, to fight the corner of Truth, Justice and Freedom. He serves as a positive example to all who see the corruption in the Police forces and want to also do something about it..

We must all keep demanding that these Police departments start arresting the terrorist criminal cartel members exposed in Tony's Reports regardless of their bribed bogus self appointed elevated positions. We must equally demand that they stop arresting innocent Whistleblowers like Tony Farrell who are paving the way for others who want to speak out, to follow.

Tony's case is set to be heard again in Sheffield Magistrates Court on the 19th of May 2014.  If found guilty, Tony faces a six month custodial sentence for the ridiculous charge of 'Obstructing the Bailiffs'. So it's crucial that we get the truth out far and wide and continue to support him more than ever. Without Whistkeblowers who are prepared to rock the rotten boat we are all doomed.

All in all Tony says he was not treated badly whilst in custody but the Police have unlawfully taken possession of two of Tonys computers. The bailiffs have now seized possession of the property he was protecting, along with all the flats contents on behalf on the HSBC banksters.

With the seizure of the property Tony has also had all his clothing and other personal belongings taken, but is with friends who will hopefully be able to help out and give him support and safe haven  as he awaits trial.

Tony has asked me to express his immense gratitude and thanks to all of you great people who contacted South Yorkshire Police and the Sheffield Courts on his behalf concerned for his welfare.. I'm sure it has made them think more carefully about how they deal with Tony now, hopefully, it will swing things in favour of these Police Officers addressing the crimes and criminals highlighted in all Tonys Reports..

Given that the Police have seized his computers, he is unable to respond to anyone directly at the moment, but  I have informed him of all your amazing support and he is very grateful and encouraged by it.  It was a fantastic effort and demonstrates positive people power in action at its best. We can easily turn things around  if  we all act in unison peacefully united and focused squarely on tackling one issue at a time until we address the whole list of wrongs. Top Marks everyone. :-)) You are all stars.. !!!

Let's all keep up the good work until we see every last one of the corrupt evil Satanic individuals and organisations humbled and shut down as God intended.

Shall keep you updated on any further developments

Best Regards

God walk with you all!!


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