Wednesday, 21 May 2014



From a Perth-based supporter 3 pm

Robert just called, Crown office lost their appeal, he is being released now. 

I’m off to prison with a song in my heart!


This same supporter has since been driving Robert home to Warrington; putting him on a train was out of the question, especially in view of his recent illness.

Huge thanks from all of us for this particular service, you know who you are! The credits will undoubtedly come later, for the moment just what a relief it has been this afternoon to be able to picture Robert winging his way south through the glorious May scenery, thanks to the great kindness of one of those who have seen to it personally that hardly a day of the 96 days he’s been locked up has gone by without someone visiting him.

I truly feel the devoted care of the Perth-based supporters could have literally spelled the difference between life and death…

And to all the supporters, I’ve never had a phone-call from Robert throughout this entire trying time in which he hasn’t said at some point in the conversation words to the effect of “please do thank everybody for all they’ve been doing, they’ve been marvellous” referring to all the letter-writing that’s been going on, especially to the authorities as well as all the letters and things of interest people have been sending him to keep his morale up.

There’s not the shadow of a doubt that this collective effort has had a terrific effect and I would go so far as to say that all this people-pressure has once again contributed to the decision to release him ahead of the time-frame certain parties might have originally been hoping to be able to keep him locked up. And although we will possibly never know what actually transpired in the High Court today I’m quite happy to attribute today’s decision to overthrow the Crown’s appeal and allow Robert to be released to all the pressure we have been generating in all directions – well done everybody!

Robert’s family of course are hugely relieved and they thank us all for helping get him out but they do beg us one big favour – NOT TO CONTACT HIM FOR THE 9 DAYS PRIOR TO HIS TRIAL.

Mr Sweeney has made it very clear to them that Robert remains a ‘high risk’ subject of bail conditions and one slip-up could land him back inside and queer his chances of winning the case on 30th May.

He told me himself this morning he is pretty sure his phone will be being monitored, so please no one phone him, even if we fully intend to talk only about the weather it’s just too risky right now.

Now – a final treat on this happy day – 1st-hand report of the moment of Robert’s release! and hopefully in a few more minutes THE RELEASE PIC OF ROBERT!!!

Many,if not all, North of the Border, will be calling today the best day of the year as indeed it is hot sunny and hardly a cloud in the sky. But for Robert Green supporters and indeed the Legend and Hero himself, it really is the “best day”, as his incarceration in Perth prison has come to an end and not a day too soon.

Robert bade a tearful goodbye to the inmates who have become his friends in his and their times of adversity behind bars, but was overjoyed to be escorted through Perth in an open top sports car.

His next taste of freedom enabled him to have a bath, one can hardly imagine how that must feel after three months of being locked up, and then sitting in a beautiful  garden with a glass of champagne, with which we supporters toasted him as the “Bravest Man on the Planet”,of which of course he denied any suggestion.

He cannot thank everyone  enough and is amazed how, two years on from his previous jail experience,  so many more people have written to MPs and others in positions of power, so he knows now that the door that he helped to unlock is truly open and we will have justice for Hollie and Anne.

In fact he had to leave much of the correspondence behind as he said it wouldn’t fit in a car!-this is some measure of how the colossal amount of support has been imperative in securing his release.

Robert said that one cannot imagine what it is like to be locked up for 19 hours a day, especially if you have not been charged, as there is seemingly no end in sight; he likened it to being blind and not knowing if you would ever see again.
Well he could not have chosen a more beautiful day to have his “sight” returned and as he was whisked off South, this time in an air-conditioned car, it felt as if Justice had already begun to play out.
A relaxed and very happy Robert. We can only hope all his health problems now disappear as he is able to restore life to normality with his family.

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