Friday 27 June 2014

Paedophilia - The Spotlight On The Old Boys Network


The Spotlight on the old boys network

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Governments would have us the nation believe that as they went to Public schools and that by their laws of the land we the Nation went to state schools, therefore we are JUST  plebs and know nothing. They can dictate to the Nation by their old boys network.

There are 650 MPs and yet after many weeks there are still only 109 of these MPs who have called for an investigation into child abuse, but then how can the old boys’ network allow an investigation into child abuse when all can read here on spotlight and the media that many Paedophiles run the bloody country?

We the plebs are supposed to be so thick that we cannot put two and two together to know that children from the age of four are being groomed in all state schools under the sex education act, when in reality perhaps this act is for GROOMING CHILDREN FOR SEX on behalf of P.I.E Paedophile information exchange  who originally wanted the age of consent for sex to be from the age of four.

It has been reported that children are being taught in schools to masturbate and to use a condom with a carrot,  well well in Public schools they do not need sex education or a carrot, as it is well known for years that in Public schools sex is ripe, perhaps this is why so many perverts run the bloody country so that they can change laws to cover up such as PIE under the disguise of the sex education act.

Maggie Tuttle

Please read all reports from Spotlight and the media.

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