Monday 2 June 2014


People throughout the UK are having their homes broken into, being evicted, having property seized and utilities cut off on a daily basis by private bailiff companies masquerading as court officials and who are then presenting court documents which are fraudulent!

This is very often done with the police in attendance who claim to having been called to attend “for the bailiffs’ safety and to keep public order”
Private criminal prosecutor Guy Taylor from Hereford says he has personally been the victim of British Gas bailiffs breaking into a family property and using a ‘fake warrant’. “The police seem to be unable to distinguish between a real court document and a fake - they appear on peoples’ doorsteps supporting these ‘bailiff characters’ who in reality are using fake documents which they falsely claim are from a court!”  Mr Taylor currently has Private Criminal Prosecutions against bailiffs from British Gas. They have been charged with burglary and are due to appear again in Worcester Magistrates court next month. “We are currently helping on cases throughout the entire UK; it is endemic and is happening on an industrial scale! What these bailiffs and police have to realise is that they become fully commercially and criminally liable in their private and personal capacity when acting in such circumstances and we will not hesitate to robustly prosecute in the Criminal Courts any individual operating outside the boundaries afforded them by legislation and who are actually breaking the law.” Mr Taylor is associated with ALPA  FORENSICS, a company that investigates court issues, judicial failures in process and procedure, property theft, corrupt solicitors/trustees and carries out forensic examination of court documentation.
Bailiffs claiming to be High Court Enforcement Officers are very often just thugs who work for a private company with those words in the title, eg: HIGH COURT ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS LTD. They then claim to be officers of the High Court. “Its just obvious deception when you scratch the surface” says Mr Taylor. “Some of these characters working in this culture of assumed authority have egos which quickly grow out of control and their failures in diligence concerning process, procedure and prescribed form quickly deteriorate into criminal acts”


Guy Taylor " Raid On Bodenham Manor " video HERE


ron said...

Why don’t you lot make an a4 size pdf leaflet stating people’s rights with references to particular law wording. To be downloaded via facebook or I will put on my server free and link can be distributed wherever you want. Copy could be given to bailiff to show you know rights, and to forget the lies.

Anonymous said...

very well said, a pdf would be great and a step by step guide even better but! how would you get paid then if you made such a guide...