Saturday 7 June 2014

Amend the children's act to ensure that children in care are heard and listened to.

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Too many children are in the care system against their own wishes and or the wishes of their families.

Please spare a little of your very valuable time to consider the fate of the thousands of children in care who are crying out to be heard and their little voices are not being listened to. Anyone who disagrees with the care plan and holds an opposing view is ostracised by Social Services who accuse them of "Disrupting the placement"
The mental anguish this is causing to children is immeasurable.
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Children must be given a voice, all children in care should automatically be given an independent UNPAID advocate, wherever possible chosen from Adults within the child's circle to ensure that the voices of children are heard.
This must NOT be a social worker, IRO, CAFCASS or a paid Guardian to ensure that they are representing the child, and NOT the state.
Currently “Gillick Competence” is used as a measure of whether the child is old enough and wise enough to speak for themselves. It is complicated, ambiguous and lacks clarity with the result that very few children are allowed to decide for themselves what is best for their own lives and futures.
This is causing children in care severe mental anguish, feeling that just because they are children that nobody is listening to them and nobody really cares what they think or is giving any consideration to their feelings. No wonder so many “looked after” children have psychiatric problems, suffer from depression and rage and far too often commit suicide.
I propose an amendment to the children’s act that no child under 10 years old can be adopted without the consent of the family.  Only if all other alternatives have been explored, can the child be placed in care until they reach the age of 10 whereupon they have the right to self-determination.
On reaching the age of 10 which I have chosen because it is the age of criminal responsibility whereby a child can be tried in a criminal court, the child can decide for themselves if they wish to be placed for adoption, placed in care or remain with their families.
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Unknown said...

PLEASE Understand. I wish to ask this QUESTION.
In spite of ALL the pleas from so many Families. Articles written by Christopher Booker. Meetings held in London, Birmingham and Trafalgar Square. COUNTLESS Posts on Facebook.
WHO from the Government, Social Services, CAFCASS, Judges, Lawyers, Magistrates, Police. HAS EVER come forward to DENY that so MANY WRONGED FAMILIES have been JUSTLY and without PERJURY had their children taken. NOT ONE.