Saturday 14 June 2014

Guy Taylor - Citizens Power Of Arrest And NOTICE to THE CHIEF CONSTABLE DAVID SHAW

If you cannot get the episode stopped I suggest that you print this out and underline the 5years or more and the citizens power.

If bailiffs enter Guy Taylor's property at Pear Tree Farm with a fraudulent instrument attempting to carry out a fraud, I john timbrell  will arrest such bailiffs as I am empowered to do under statute.


Due to the fact that your officers have already assisted in the unlawful action of Bailiffs seizing the property at Bodenham Manor and your Professional Standards dept refuse to do their lawful duty to examine and retain evidence of a crime using the excuse that they are not capable of examining court papers I will be forced to take the action threatened in the notice above. Your PDD are already aware of a forthcoming trial where the fraudulent documents are the subject of a trial. It makes no common sense, legal sense or your duty of care to your officers that you instruct them to keep the peace whilst those bailiffs attempt to enforce a fraudulent instrument.
Were you to do your duty you would instruct your officers to arrest the bailiffs, instead it is left to people like me to do what you are paid and have a duty to do.

I expect you will try to excuse your inactions and advise me that I should not take the law into my own hands, this of course is wrong because the statute gives me the authority.

When I was trained as a constable, I was warned to check warrants etc carefully because if they were faulty and I was assaulted carrying out the warrant I would not be protected by the law. That alone should cause you concern for the safety of your officers, and taken with the fact, which your PDD does not recognise, that this matter is already due to be resolved in the criminal court should lead you to abort any proposed assistance to the bailiffs.

Please note that I am aware of the illegal and evil tricks the police are prepared to use against people like Guy Taylor.

I know of Robert Green, imprisoned without trial in Scotland for trying to expose paedophilia in the Scottish Judiciary. They injected him and tried to get him sectioned but the Doctors found him sane.

I am aware of the MEP Ashley Mote who wrote a book exposing EU corruption. He was arrested and the police seized the evidence from his house and to date will not return it.

I am also aware of three mothers who were arrested, drugged and detained for trying to report paedophilia in connection with their children.

I state this to let you know that I have taken steps to protect myself and my evidence and my solicitor expects me to contact him each day and knows what to do if I go missing.

john timbrell


Anonymous said...

Good luck for Tuesday.

Things should b very interesting indeed

smithfield said...

Too many people seem interested in whining but doing nothing!

Some really nasty demoralising pieces of work out there fuelled by twisted egos and logic.

Nice to know that the likes of Guy and others are really getting stuck into them.

Jamie said...

Guy and others are the lifeblood of the freedom justice movement.

We need more warriors not two bit wankers to take the fight to the enemy.

Always good too see.