Tuesday 10 June 2014

Guy Taylor - Sheffield County Court did not isssue writ for Bodenham Manor eviction

Fraudulent Document states " Sent from the Sheffield Court " but see below

Confirmation that Sheffield County Court had no part in the 'writ' used to evict from Bodenham Manor - have also included alleged writ with a circle around Sheffield County Court

The net is closing on UK EVICT LTD


Arnie said...

Brilliant news Guy now get the fuckers into a criminal court

Malcolm said...

Excellent stuff Guy you deserve it.

Onward unto victory

Anonymous said...

Excellent work Guy uncovering these fraudulent docs.

Get these into court, confiscate their assets and give them 15 yrs each!


Anonymous said...

Time to take your property back Guy.

Good work my friend

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Brilliant work by all concerned.

Anonymous said...

Got them over a barrel Guy.

The repercussions will be immense.